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Q-94 FM Becomes CURVE 94.3

Q-94 FM is now CURVE 94.3 — “Winnipeg’s Pop Alternative”. The new radio station hit Winnipeg airwaves Friday morning at 8:45 a.m. The new launch is in hopes of regaining some market share, as the ratings for Q-94 have been anything but impressive in the latest standings. (see right)

CURVE 94.3 will feature Winnipeg’s most eclectic playlist, featuring artists as diverse as Daft Punk, Nirvana, P!nk, Coldplay, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Pearl Jam, Jay-Z, and Amy Winehouse.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce CURVE 94.3 to Winnipeg,” said Andrew Long, Program Director, CURVE 94.3. “This station is a reflection of changing musical trends and we’re thrilled that Winnipeg is leading the charge for the Pop Alternative revolution.”

The new station is owned by the same company as Q-94, CHUM Radio, which is a division of CTVglobemedia, who also has such entities as CTV, TSN, the Globe and Mail and MuchMusic, and well as 35 radio stations and specialty TV channels across Canada.

New on-air staff will debut Sept. 15th.

Read the history of frequency 94.3 FM in Winnipeg over the years.

  • Rin

    They’re not playing anything new, really. Same crap as before.

    Except now I can’t listen to Saturday Night Social cuz “WOAH LETS PLAY SOME ALTURNATIVEEEE!!! YAY ANARCHY!”

    Its a load of crap, to be honest. I’ve been listening to it and I don’t see the improvement at all.

  • Chris D dot ca

    I agree. I’ve been listening to them on and off the last two days… I don’t see how this station is going to survive.

    And their logo doesn’t help the cause either.

  • Kristine

    Are you guys serious? I’ve been listening to this station ever since the friday it came on and I haven’t changed the station. They don’t play much rap like hot 103. They play new songs all the time and also the beginning 2000 stuff. And you know the best thing about this station is… I HAVENT HEARD A DAMN COMMERCIAL!!!!! Everytime I turn to hot 103 its nothing but commercial and the Dj’s talking about lame things that they seem is funny!

  • Holly

    more rock/alternative type music is being played, and thats good with me :smile:
    definitely less crap being played

  • DC

    I guess “crap” is subjective. I was curious and put it on a few times. They play, like, 4 bands that sound like Nickleback then a rap song then more miserable faux-grunge tunes. It’s absolutely terrible.

  • Chris D dot ca

    Kristine: As their kick off, CURVE is playing 943 songs in a row, commercial free. Once that’s done with, you can expect the same amount of commercials and useless DJ banter as the other stations (unfortunately).

  • Kristine

    Ya i guess your right but I hear songs on their that I never hear on any other station I guess it’s just want I like.

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  • Robert

    They’ve definitly been playing more music and i haven’t heard a lot that i don’t like. guess we’ll just have to wait a few weeks and see how it turns out once they have dj’s. for now though they are better than they were.

  • Rick

    Is it time for 94’s yearly programming change already? Pathetic.

    This station has been going downhill since the last ‘big change’.

    The best thing they could have done was get rid of Fiona and that putz they had in the mornings…just the most inane and annoying morning show in the city. “What would you rather”…boy, there is some originality in programming.

    While discussing what I’d rather….I’d rather pull my fingernails off with pliers and shove red hot ice picks in my ears than listen to those 2 again.

    But I digress…..another year….another programming change for 94——–>..L…M..F…A..O

    So what happens next year? The birth of SATAN94? All death metal all the time….?

  • Scott

    Less manufactured rap and R&B is fine with me, If its a return to the 90s then my god there is hope Lets bring an all alternative station to peg city that will play artists like Matt Good

  • Josie

    totally agree

  • terri

    Personally, its ok if you need a change from the repetitiveness of hot103, but half the time its some old crap or weird new band i dont recognize playing and i just switch back to hot103 anyways. and they’ve lost ANYONE who likes POP at all….

    sorry q94/curve/whatever you are called. you are boring me already.

  • Stephen

    94 just needs to go away all together. Lousy music, pathetic DJ’s.

    At least Beau, Tom and Dez had some personality. The current crop are just horrid and painful to listen to for any amount of time.

    Truthfully, if they went with no DJs and just music their ratings would improve.

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  • MXSA

    I like the new station, although I am not a fan of the variety at the moment. I’ve heard shut up and let me go 3 times today. Im sure they could have found 943 different good songs to play. We’ll see how they do though, way better than Q94.

    Q94<— Played so much garbage

  • Kristy

    I like this new station. You play such a good mix. I heard DRE the other day , and it’s nice to hear those songs being played on this station!

  • Kris

    I hate to say I told you so…..but once you got rid of Beau, Tom and Dez it was a no brainer that it was going to fail. All this station does is change. Starting to sound politcal isn’t it. Well I’m sure 99.9 is doing fine in the ratings because guess what station I will be listening to. Aren’t you happy there next door so you can take a few lessions from them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Brandon

    This station is good to listen to. Ive listened to it for like 20 minutes to it today and heard nas, paramores, goo goo dolls, three days grace. Good variety

  • Terry

    Hey I wanted to say that the new curve 94 is alot better then the old 94, The song’s are new’er and up to date. They also play older music that is good, I say keep up the beat and u might be up there with hot 103……

  • Kimberly

    I like the new 94.3. I couldnt stand listening to it before. Im glad they hardly have the girl dj talking in the mornings and commericals. Anyway I like it alot, its always on.

  • Princess of the Universe

    I don’t mind the change – at least it differentiates them a bit more from Hot. Although since they did just change their format recently, I don’t think it bodes well for the future of the station.
    As for Cory & Fiona? Well I’ve met them and they’re both really sweet people.

  • Sara

    ha, you got a point , but still like the music they play , I mean they don’t have as many commercials as hot103, hot103 can get pretty boring :roll: . jeeze , but I still like their music. :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nancy

    Q 94 had some issues that needed alittle tweeking but to change the whole station, and what a change. The change is way to drastic, I don’t like it. I miss my regular morning DJ’s, I feel I am lost looking for a new station. Whats with the name Curve that should have been over looked, sounds like the work out place my mom goes.

  • me

    I am all about new change. The world changes and so do the peoples taste in music. One thing I don’t agree with is putting down the DJ’s. No reason to point fingers or state names. They are just asking if you like the change. They are doing their job just like you all do on a daily basis. Great change with a different selection in music. My radio channel changes with my mood in music I want to listen to at that time. Keep up the good work.

  • Kimberly

    Love your new station!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the mix! Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lee Ledoux

    I love this music is may be old but still in fashion. Quit complaining and turn your dial…..Geesh!!!

  • Dana

    I love this new station!! Lots of songs you wouldn’t hear on other stations. Great mix of new and old. Love it!!

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  • =)

    I like it.
    It’s like Kick 92 without the static.
    Plays the lame mainstream stuff that you love to hate/hate to love.
    Plays the occasional alt pop stuff most poeple haven’t heard before.
    I like it.
    ’nuff said.

  • Scott

    this site is kinda dumb. ill turn the radio on hear a song not catch the name then they wont put a playlist on the site that i can find any who. if they were to change that it would be so much better.

  • Chris D dot ca

    I’m sure they’ll be adding a “now playing” feature on when they launch their site.

  • BG

    Finally, a station like no other in Winnipeg. I was getting tired of listening to the same songs all the time! Way to go 94.

  • Breeanna

    i am in love with the new station. it plays everything i want to hear, and songs i have long ago forgotten about. however, its not the songs you get sick of right away. its def. like my ipod is on shuffle. its a new station with a new sound. and it is alot better then the same stations you hear on the radio. its different music. if you want to listen to the same bubblegum crap all the time, go for it. this station is way better then that.

  • Lori V

    ๐Ÿ‘ฟ I hate this new station. Every time I turn it on I get nothing but crap. My kids don’t even like it anymore. Should of kept it as Q94fm but with some changes. Since the change I have listened to Hot103. At least I get some good stuff on there and my kids like it. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  • Debbie

    Sorry, not a loyal listener anymore. Keep trying to listen as I really liked the morning gang, yet the music doesn’t do anything for me. I much prefered the old New Q94 with Cory Kim.

  • angie

    ๐Ÿ˜› I LOVE the changes Q94 has made! I never had this station programmed in my car stereo or home stereo come to think of it, now its everywhere I go!!!LOVE IT!!!

  • Michele CM

    Not bad. I’ve been listening for a couple of days since FREQ107 (the late great alt rock station that I’d been hooked on for years) officially left the airwaves. I’ve heard a decent variety–Flobots, Strokes, Moby, Jane’s
    Addiction, Green Day, Weezer, Matt Mayes. I could do without that crappy Timbaland gruel. Didn’t notice a playlist on the site, but I’d like to see one. Would be nice to hear a bit more rock mixed in–similar to EthelXM, where you can hear MUSE, QOTSA, NIN, Bloc Party,Katy Perry and Badly Drawn Boy in the same set. A bit odd at first, but it works, for some reason. But, yeah, I’ll give it a chance. 97 is just awful and everything else is worse. We’ll see.

  • Sally Jessy Raphael

    You all need to get a life…really…

  • Bonnie

    I left this station the day Bo & Tom left. They made the old station and I followed them and quite enjoy hearing stuff from the 80’s on Bob FM. Nothing is better than the 80’s anyway !! At times I’ve tried to go back and listen to 94, but it’s not the same.

  • Chad

    I liked Q 94 Fm better than curve I liked the music and the host in the morning, I don’t like some of the music curve plays, they should play newer music and not music form the late 80’s early 90’s or from bands that no one knows, and bring back the morning gang.

  • Jay

    Check our 102.3 CLEAR FM. IT’s the only station which caters to women 25-54. You won’t get any of that teeny bopper b/s like Hot.

  • Jay

    Hit up 102.3 CLEAR FM. It’s a gem of a station wich needs to market themselves a little better. It takes a long time for a new station to break in the market. They’ve been doing a great job. Dez is on in the afternoons.

  • jake

    ๐Ÿ˜Ž This station is doing just fine in my books…When Freq 107 left the air (Freq was the best station in Winnipegs history) We needed a rock alternative to the “big station” which feels the need to play airbourne every 15 minutes.
    Curve has filled a bit of the void left by FREQ. The other day I heard Green Day, The Traically Hip, Muse, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and 4 other good rock songs in a row. I like acoustic rock. Curve plays alot of acoustic rock tunes.
    Hot 103 is the worst station in Winnipegs history they play 6 songs all day, loads of crap-rap and bad hip-hop. Curve plays a little Jay-Z and Old Snoop to mix it up between rock songs, Im guess I’m ok with that.
    I hear Curve is also going to start playing local rock bands on a showcase nightly.
    Which means we might get to hear some amazing local rock bands like Steeple Chaser and Aftertrust too.

  • jake

    ya..because playing some “weird new bands” would be sooo bad!!!….as you stated Hot 103 is repetitive, and very bad music for the most part. Curve is now the only choice in Winnipeg.
    The best station now that freq is gone.

  • jake

    I wouldnt let my kids listen to the gangster rap and sex songs they play on hot 103 all day

  • brendin

    what is the first song on your guys commercial?

  • Chris D dot ca

    Here are the songs played in the commercial in order:

    The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
    Estelle – American Boy
    Duffy – Mercy
    Coldplay – Viva La Vida
    Nirvana – Come As You Are
    Pink – So What
    Blur – Song 2

  • JC

    I love this station, they’re playing tons of different stuff! Now that Freq 107 is gone this will be the station I listen to the most! :mrgreen:

  • Debby

    What a terrible improvement. Adult Alterative??? Sound like baby teen music to me. Try to reformat like the old Cafe which is now Hank fm. i did enjoy the old 94…nothing good lasts forever in regards to Winnipeg radio.

  • meanjeandj

    They sound like 1 part Power, 1 part Hot 103. They should have kept their old format when it was a hit station. They started chasing Hot 103 and then lost all their core audience. It’s a rocky road for Curve. I doubt they will see improvemets any time soon. The next BBM book is out Monday. They might gain a point or two being the “shiny new apple” but that fruit will spoiil.

  • Kevin

    Your morning show completely sucks! I change the channel every time the music stops the hosts start talking.

  • j

    I really like this new radio station!!! I like hearing the mainstream stuff with a mixture of off beat and alternative. If you want to listen to your favourite morning djs or hear the same overplayed songs as before, just listen to hot 103!

  • Got 1

    Sirius is the way to go. I’d rather pay to listen to som “good” music!!!

  • carolyn

    overall….still love this station! however some of those curve commercials like “something something gotta curve in my hand, is this your favorite band ohhhh curve” are pretty annoying and sometimes i change the station when they come on. i also wish there was more prizes available in the evening, i can never get through in the morning and i try practically every day! haha. but anyway, good music and nice dj’s….my favorite station!

  • havgot

    actually if u turned up your hearing aid, i think that u will find a share difference…but that may just be assuming too much ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  • cat

    I would have to agree with this one. You are the only one so far that makes any sense. lmfao

  • cat

    that is the best way to explain it, I myself turn back to 103 all the time and if thats not good I turn it to 97 if I want to hear something old.

  • lou

    Much better than before. Try to be more like FREQ 107 was before they found God. I flip back and forth between 94.3 and 92.9.

  • Grant

    I like and dislike the new “94”. They don’t play the same as hot 103 but not the same as 92 citi either. Good job and keep it up! :smile:

  • Crys

    I agree – I like the new 94.3 – no other station plays this mix of new and old alternative, but I could do without the Kanye and Timbaland stuff. When that is on, I turn to 92.9 (lots of independent alt and rock – if you like satellite radio’s Ethel or Altnation, check out 92.9).

  • JRoc

    I enjoy this new station. I just turned 30 so I enjoy the 90’s rock. Reminds me of the highshcool days. Lol. I was a huge fan of Freq107 because of the local talent they played. Now that they are gone this staion will do. I tried to go back to 97 but got sick of ACDC everytime I turned it on. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy ACDC every now and then but not all day long. I never listened to the old Q94 cause I am not a huge fan of pop. I find you guys play enough alt/rock to keep me entertained enough to keep the station on. There are some songs that I can’t stand but by the time I go to change the station a good song comes back on. Good Job. :mrgreen:



  • Denis

    Pamela Roz.

    Send her back to Victoria before the poor girl freezes to death in Winterpeg!!!

    Ok, I just want her back in Victoria!!!! Just because!!!

    Loved listening to her on her shifts…

    Sigh… Just send her back mkay?

  • Chris D dot ca

    You can listen to her show on

  • A Dub

    I heard Curve tanked in the ratings?

  • Pop Alternative

    That’s a very interesting way of wording it (“tanked”) and I’d say quite the opposite of the truth. Since Curve 94.3 launched just a day before the book began, it would’ve hit people as a shock (both positive and negative, as shown in the many comments above).

    Since Curve started from 0, I’d say going straight to 3.5 aint bad at all. You can say they went from 3.3 as Q 94 to 3.5 as Curve and that’s only .2 of a jump, but really that is false. It was brand new…and that’s that :smile:

  • Jay Dee

    To say it went from 0 to 3.5 is wrong. The previous rating is much more accurate but that’s really just splitting hair waves….I think they’ll never crack a 4 share.

    I thought they would have done better in the book being that they flipped. It would have interested past listeners and encourage new ones.

    The trouble I see is they are touting themselves as a 25-54 station which is horse shit. They’re style will make them a 25-34 station.

  • sappho

    don’t new stations usually experience a “honeymoon” book when they launch? i’m thinking the next book will reveal a bit more…

  • Jay Dee

    You’re absolutely right about the next book revealing more although the Fall book is the one which really counts.

    I believe POWER 97 is starting to commit the same mistake which buried Q94. They’re chasing 92 CITI by playing more classic rock and their core demo wants new rock. Their core is going elsewhere as revealed in the last book.

    I can’t beleive the poor grammar in my previous post. I chalk it up to the double shot of nyquil.

  • klee

    So anyone know where Cory is gone? He has not been on curve for a couple of days now!

  • Chris D dot ca


  • Jay Dee

    I heard he quit.

  • A_Dub

    I heard he quit as well. Must be tough when you’re ratings are terrible all the time.

  • sappho

    i’m not too sure if he quit or not but i do know that curve is advertising for a new morning person on a broadcasters job site, which leads me to believe that all is not well in the new land of curve fm!

  • Pop Alternative

    Cory resigned last week by choice.

  • Jay Dee

    Ao now they need an afternoon guy AND a morning show.

  • Pop Alternative

    They need an afternoon guy?

  • klee

    It is really too bad that Cory left cuz he really made the show! He was so funny, we listened cuz he was on!

  • me

    well I have mixed feelings about the new station.the music is good. but it also not everyones personal choice…so I belive if you dont like it.well change the channel. but what I am against is there tatics of hiring new people and how they go about firing people .leading someone on to belive they will retain there job even though things look bleak….then stripping them of there job is pretty dirty….I think instead of blaming dj’s for all of the problems they should look at management as well….

  • Post-Q

    I also have mixed feelings. Some stuff is surprisingly good esp. with lesser known or not main stream pop. But when there are some alternative songs that make me change the channel and then I channel surf. I really dislike the revolving door of Q/Curve personalities. I do like Andrea, Sarah and Pamela (maybe b/c I’m a guy) but I like to think of that their sound comes across well on radio.

  • sappho

    i just wish the dj’s of curve would backsell the new stuff that they’d just played… i’m diggin’ some of the new tunes they’re spinning, but it’s like pulling teeth to get any of their jocks to say what the new stuff is!

    dear p.d. @ curve – please ask your jocks to do the basics of broadcasting by back-selling/front-selling the new stuff, not the 90’s gold that has spun ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Cherry-Rain xx

    EYY I luvv the Curve!! it is pretty deadly!! More ROCK and ALTERNATIVE!!! *sigh* FREAKIN AMZING!!!! xxx xo
    Luvv Cherry-Rain xo

  • meanjean

    I find alot of the back ground music is too loud during their voice tracks. Makes it tough to hear the announcer.
    Atleast that’s an easy fix.
    Again, they’ll pull mostly from Hot and Power. The next book will show.

  • sappho

    and now on the morning show we will be able to hear jay richardson from power97! best move EVER!!!!! yesssssssss…

  • meanjean

    I thought Jay did a fine job on Power. I hope he carries that same enthusiasm into the am show.
    When does he start?

  • Chris D dot ca

    Not sure when he starts — couldn’t find that info out.

  • Jay

    Hello fellow Chrisd readers.

    Thanks very much for the great posts guys. I’m glad people enjoyed what I did at power 97. I know I had many great times and made some very good friends there.

    However, I’m here to talk about moving forward. To answer your question meanjean, I’ll be on air on Curve on March 2nd. I’m really looking forward to helping to build something awesome. I’ve had a chance to hang out with some of my new co workers, and I’m of the opinion that we’re on the verge of something special.

    I will do my best to have as much fun in the mornings as I did in the afternoons on power. My kidneys are already aching in anticipation of the gallons of red bull I’ll be ingesting at first….

    If you ever want to send feedback on the show or the station, hit me up at

    Thanks guys. Chris, love the blog dude…I check it out every day.


  • stephanie

    okay i never need to change the station any more. i love my 92 my 97 but 94 !! you play all my favourite music. you have my support guys! keep up the great work!!

  • stephanie

    you have such bad taste it is sickening. I LOVE HOW YOU GUYS PLAY SONGS LIKE bittersweet symphony (80’s) and all of the great alternative. keep the balance i think it is working. if you want to hear new jiggy jiggy bullshit tune into the 103 garbage. i think this change is great for 94. you want to see bad change look at what happened to that freq107 now it’s like christian rock… ๐Ÿ˜ lol. the only thing you guys are missing is a playlist so i can get the ultimate playlist and can check out the great tunes i missed out on earlier on in the day.

  • betty

    Pam roz???


    How can anyone be allowed to be a DJ who likes the backstreet boys??? NKOTB???? I would gladly ship her back to Victoria for you…at my own cost!!!! Get rid of her!!! She’s a freak…

  • Tori

    Not to be downer, you guys are doing fine music wise but I was a die hard Q94 gal most of my life and really what makes any given station is the DJ’s on the morning show.. and ya got nothin… I’ve had to change my station settings and retune all my radio’s cause I just can’t stand the boredom in the morning.

    That being said i freaked when I came home from summer camp to find they’d gotten rid of frazer years ago and put dez in so maybe I need to adapt… but they’re just not that funny…

  • mean jean

    Try 102.3 CLEAR FM. Dez is doing the afternoon show. Their am show sounds pretty tight as well.

  • Dia

    I love this station, they play a nice mix of old & new. You have to expect the over play of a few songs. The new logo is great my daughter loves the green shirts! Keep it up Sara & Jay

  • vin wesley

    i miss cory kim but sarah and jay your cool too

  • tim

    NIce change from the other station.

    However, the real test will be whether or not they keep playing the same 100 songs over the months to come.Lots of stations start out sounding great initially but end up having basically a canned program. Whatever happened to real live djs!
    Is it that hard to pull a song out of the hat and just play it.Even if its not on the freakin top 40 list?