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Michelle Dubé Stinks Up Hamilton Newscast

By Brian Schultz

It’s every news anchor’s dream to do a story on bowel cleansing products, right? Michelle Dubé is an anchor at CHCH in Hamilton, ON who recently had trouble keeping her crap together (pun intended).

Luckily, she recovered fairly well.

But it’s not nearly as funny as this laughing anchor.

  • Ryan

    Is that Nicole Dube’s sister from Global TV here?

  • steve

    Yep – they’re both smokin’!

  • cw

    Michelle is probably the best looking anchor on CH I have ever seen.

  • D

    “Is that Nicole Dube’s sister from Global TV here?”
    “Yep – they’re both smokin’!”

    NOPE… they’re cousins!

  • geoff

    i believe michelle dube left chch for ctv… thank God! I cant stand her as a news anchor… she screws up all the time, and she does something funny with the side of her mouth… thanks for leaving michelle..