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Beam Me Up, Global

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. That’s just Global TV’s Peter Chura and Eva Kovacs being beamed in via hologram to bring you Wednesday evening’s news.

Global TV Hologram

All joking aside, Peter and Eva were actually in the studio. The camera experienced iris trouble against the CG background.

Image credit: Global TV

  • Jay

    Wow…that CGI background looks cheap even on a good night. Way to go Global for cutting costs and cutting quality at the same time. I feel bad for the employees, especially the one’s who end up looking like the fools, even though it’s not their fault!

  • Bomber Fan

    I’m with you Jay. They should get a real set and stop being so cheap. That background is horrible. You constantly see flickering lines around their bodies every night, especially around Eva’s hair.

    Please Global… spend a few grand and get a real set!!

  • troy

    Did Marty and Doc Brown fail in 1955?!!! Looks like Eva & Peter and fading from our time stream!!
    BIFF TANEN hates Global. I knew it. 😯

  • Lincoln

    It goes along well with the spelling mistakes.

  • mike

    but can WE really afford to pay for new stuff at global? a museum or tv news… we can’t have it all.

  • Anonymous

    @Mike: Global is a private broadcaster owned by Canwest. I think you have them confused with CBC.

  • mike

    not at all. but when the owners of that company want money, who do they hit up?

  • Wpger

    Hilarious! I missed it live, but of course Chris D. saw it. 😀

  • WpgCameraMan

    I think they are using the LE version of the virtual set software.. you know, the ‘trial’ software that gets bundled with things.

    Register the damn thing and “Enjoy seamless rendering of your on-air hosts with our HD-quality backgrounds”.

    Seriously though, I’ve seen podcasts from people’s basements that look better than what Global is doing inside that chroma-green shipping container.

    Tonight was interesting, they had a story on the A&W $1 thing for MS. Peter’s read was almost word-for-word what Andrea said in the subsequent commercial.

  • callie

    This is what you get when you lay off all of your operations staff. Good job Vancouver!!!!!

  • RP

    That CG background is horrible. There is a “blonde” in the background between Peter and Eva (yes, I know it is a fake background), and she is there EVERY day, EVERY newscast, day or night… I can’t stop watching the blonde, even though she does the same thing over and over every newscast. Someday she may do something different, but I will never know because I just can’t watch Global News anymore.