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“The Amazing Race” Makes Quick Stop in Winnipeg

The Amazing RaceCast and crew from the hit CBS reality show “The Amazing Race” were in Winnipeg on Friday — this, according to Dave Wheeler at Power 97.

Wheels said in an e-mail late Monday that they were filming here for the next season, and needed to shoot a bowling scene. Because there isn’t five-pin bowling in the U.S., they had to make a stop at Dakota Lanes in St. Vital.

The shoot apparently took an hour and a half.

No word if Winnipeg was a scheduled stop, or a spur of the moment decision made by production staff.

Forget The Forks, Winnipeg is now known for its bowling centres. But The Forks is still cool, too.

UPDATE: According to some readers, it wasn’t the TV show that was in town, but rather Family Services doing their own Amazing Race.

  • S.McKnight

    Ya Amazing race for FSH Family Services and housing. 😆

  • Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster)

    DID YOU KNOW?: Chinese bowling is played outdoors with 15 wooden pins and a wooden ball :)

  • Brrr

    As S. McKnight says, this was not “the” Amazing Race (the show), but rather a local group from Family Services doing “an” Amazing Race inspired event as a charity fundraiser. They had clues and check stops all over the city (including Dakota Lanes), with the finish line at Archwood Community Club.

  • Chris D dot ca

    I guess it was too good to be true.

    Thanks a lot, Wheeler! :p