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Jimmy Mac Finds Work

Jimmy MacAfter getting the boot from Citytv back in July, along with the very lovely Terri Apostle, Jimmy Mac has been making the rounds as a standup comedian. But even that came to a halt last summer as Rumor’s Comedy Club shut down for several months due to a flood.

Since then, Jimmy has been getting the odd gig here and there. But come Friday, he’ll be filling in for Jim Toth by doing the colour commentary for the Manitoba Moose game on CJOB alongside Brian Munz. Jimmy says he has a hockey past and it should make for a fun night.

Manitoba’s #1 radio station has also been accommodating to Terri, who has been heard filling in doing traffic from the chopper during rush hour.

Perhaps Corus Entertainment should add these two to the payroll permanently.

  • ti

    Awesome! Way to go, Jimmy!

  • derek

    Sounds good for Jimmy, but is it only one game or the rest of the season? What happened to Jim Toth doing the games? Did he fall out of favour already?

  • Chris D dot ca

    Just this one game. Jim Toth still holds the position.

  • WpgCameraMan

    Shaw TV will be in Brandon for Friday night’s WHL game against Calgary. A crew of over 20, all the bells and whistles, contributing to the Brandon economy with rooms and meals & services.

    What Local TV should be.

    Toth is host.

  • Dave

    Another reason to NOT listen to a Moose game on the radio.

  • dawgdik

    Poor Jimmy – trying to hang on, please give him a job. A wanna be cop with investment in K9 flak, a washed up comedienne because of blow-hard tactics, loss of hair and a little belly….sorry buddy, the gig is up. You should try to stay in the press booth for 15K or sell cars (used ones at nite). BTW, tried your dish at rumours and plugged me for a couple days – better start playing lotto max with Kirby et co. Good luck saw dawg – no pun intended :)

  • Dave


  • Marcus

    Good for Mac. He has been around the city for a number of years and has always supported local. I think he will be a good voice for the fill in this weekend. Too bad people like to take shots at someones personal looks. Obviously you people are jealous or this wouldn’t be such a bother to them. Perhaps Dave has a face for a basement and that is his issues along with the dawg. At least I can use my name. Way to go Terri and Jimmy. People do miss you two and the tv show can die, or should I say has already done so.

  • Dave

    Hey Marcus…you are the one taking the cheap shots about me “having a face for a basement”. I did not take a shot at anyone’s looks, I just made a simple comment regarding Mac’s appearance on a Moose broadcast. Grow up, maybe if you got out of your basement for an eye check you wouldn’t make comments about things you know nothing about. I agreed with dawg on the simple fact that his media career is over and he should move on.

  • iHeartCJOB

    Terri is doing traffic every afternoon for the Drive. She is no longer just filling in.

  • Dave

    Terri is doing a great job. I enjoy her more than Fiona in the morning. I have really started to enjoy Laurie Langcaster more lately, not sure if she’s picked up her game or I just took a while to get used to her, and Terri on her show in a bonus. CJOB’s line up has never been stronger, lead by the big man himself, Hal Anderson, who seems to relish (no pun intended) every moment on the radio. They still need to find more for Courtney James to do; she seems under utilized.