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Sports Radio 1290 Launches Monday

An all-sports, all the time radio station launches Monday morning on the dial that was previously 1290 CFRW.

As we reported two weeks ago, CHUM Radio is debuting Sports Radio 1290 to provide a 24/7 sports format, including syndicated content from ESPN Radio.

The station will go to air at 10:57 a.m. on Monday and bring listeners exclusive access to NFL football on Sunday and Monday nights, and “Live from Wayne Gretzky’s” on Saturday afternoons with Winnipeg’s own Rod Black and well-known guests from the hockey world.

“There is a real hunger for sports programs in Winnipeg,” said Chris Stevens, vice president and general manager of Sports Radio 1290. “The launch of Sports Radio 1290 will feed that appetite with high quality sports programming not currently available on local radio.”

Local radio analysts predict the new CTV-owned station will take a chunk out of CJOB’s sports audience, which is loyal for tuning into Blue Bomber and Moose games.

As a result of the format shake-up, long-time CFRW morning host Don Percy is no longer with the station.

Instead, the syndicated “Mike and Mike in the Morning” show, featuring Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg will air from 5 to 9 a.m.

Other programs include “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” “The Jim Rowe Show,” “The Scott Van Pelt Show,” and “The Doug Gottlieb Show.”

  • Kelowna_Troy

    Well. I do like the ESPN-font-lookin’ logo a lot better than the OLD TEAM 1290/TEAM Sports Radio Network one.

    Let me be the first to say, because I have EVERY right to say this: To my old CHUM pals on 1445 Pembina HWY… It’s time to bring Rick Loewen back home to 1290. Rick & Harry Callaghan won’t SUCK.

  • harry

    “The launch of Sports Radio 1290 will feed that appetite with high quality sports programming not currently available on local radio.”

    Is that supposed to be a joke? Have they not heard of CJOB? When you look up “high quality sports programming” under the dictionary, you’ll find “CJOB”. Bob Irving, Brian Munz, Hustler & Lawless.. I already have my sports station thanks.

  • Ryan

    “When you look up “high quality sports programming” under the dictionary, you’ll find “CJOB”.”

    Unfortunately you’ll also find CJOB under “political banter” and “hit and miss chit chat”. I’d like to hear sports talk during the day and I think THAT is what is missing in Winnipeg.

  • Bob Essensa

    Mike and Mike are terrible… Colin Cowhurd? has anyone actually listened to this joker spout off? hasn’t jim rome burnt to a crisp yet? Rod Black? ughh… I suppose it’s a not bad alternative from CJOB if you don’t have sirius. CJOB isn’t much of a sports talk station, Hustler and Lawless lol!? Irving is good and they always have good guests on for the bomber pre games but aside from that they cover little sports. I suppose their Moose coverage is good as well if thats what u fancy.

  • J.J.

    More syndicated programming? No thanks. Make my radio local and relevant!

  • Murray

    Will you be podcasting any good shows

  • Kenny

    Just what DON’T need. More talk radio blather.

  • Val & Paul

    Gone is the time where we could tune into 1 radio station and one only. Getting the time on a frequent basis, along with weather and news etc for our morning get up and go is really gone. Don Percy did an admiral job of keeping the morning show light and full of information, sports huh? It has been two mornings now and I can’t find a station that is easy listening and informative as Don’s Master of the Morning. Weekend easy listening music was a joy. Many thanks for not much. I guess that we will be listening to CJOB now. Thanks for serving the city of Winnipeg so well, as usual sports will win out, sometimes it seems that the only thing on some stations was sports whether it be radio or TV. We will be looking for another station to meet our radio needs. Sorry I think that whoever makes these types of decisions blew it.
    Don you will be missed, enjoy your retirement, you certainly deseved better that what you got, it would have been nice to have you sign off with the respect that was due to you. If I had known that Friday was your last day, even though I start work at 8:30 I would have found a way to listen to the end of your shift.
    1290 – This is the end of your story with our family. story

  • Lisa

    I agree with Val & Paul. Don was an enjoyment to listen to in the mornings on my way to work! I did not realize Don was finished or retiring or forced to retire or i would have listened for his sign off.
    CFRW was THE Best for oldies but I guess I will change my listening to Country now – definitely NOT CFRW….
    Don will be missed as well as Rac and all the rest of the guys.
    Sorry to see you go this way!! Like Val said – this is the end of 1290 with my husband and I!!

  • Kert Gartner

    Where can I go for my oldies in Winnipeg now??? I loved waking up and driving home to 1290. First KY58 now this?! Totally sucks you guys. Bad decision IMO.

  • Bob

    Another mistake from Toronto. Winnipeg radio has it`s sports station, CJOB. CKY – CFRW, was the best oldies station with the best announcers. Treating Don Percy like this and taking away GREAT listening just made me decide that anything that comes from this corporation will never get my radio tuned in to it. Sorry to lose you Don. You definately had THE BEST morning show on the air. Goodbye my friend, you will be greatly missed. i CERTAINLY HOPE YOU GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE OFFERED A SPOT SOMEWHERE ON WINNIPEG RADIO, IF THAT IS YOUR WISHES.

  • Tim

    I’ve been a loyal online (iPhone) CFRW listener here in Chicago for the past year. The station played an amazing variety of great oldies that no station here south of the border would ever dream of putting into their typical homogenized rotation of 100 or so tunes. CFRW, with the oldies it played and the personalities that presented the music, represented a refreshing return back to what once made North American radio great. That’s what made me, a 52-year-old American who has never visited Winnipeg, the rabid listener that I was. Note the use of the past tense, as in “was.” Corporate ownership couldnt care less about my opinion, given my geographic location and “undesirable” age.
    But im sure that I echo the thoughts of more than a fair number of Winnipeggers that rightfully freel betrayed by “the suits.” Goodbye CFRW. It was great. 😥

  • tom

    pretty sad, the sports radio sucks. I will make it a point not to buy anything from the people who have commercials on this garbage radio station. If everyone votes with their wallet the no-nothings in that great american city called toronto might return 1290 to it’s past glory. espn just plain sucks.

  • sam

    great for the younger crowd!!!!!!!!!

  • Wayne

    ❓ The only oldies music radio station left on AM radio and they have to change it to SPORTS..SPORTS.. SPORTS. Is that all there is in this world? Not everybody wants to sit through hour after hour of sports on TV and now on the only remaining AM radio station playing oldies music is replaced with useless sports talk about how many million of dollars some bozo is getting for throwing a football or batting a baseball. What a sick world!!!! 👿

  • brad


  • funker

    CJOB is not a good sports station. Hustler and Lawless are on for what, 3 hours a week? The rest of the time it’s pointless drivel with overqualified hosts like Adler having to deal with callers barely capable of dialing #680. Adler has had to tone down his game to accommodate them.

    I agree there could be more NHL coverage but the season is just starting up. This is the busiest time of the sporting year so we’ll just have to wait a bit.

    Last time 1290 was all sports they tied in to Bob McCown’s sports talk show, but it looks like 1290 is signed with ESPN for now. Perhaps that will expand if there is a good response to the all-sports format.

  • Mike O.

    Purchased by CHUM in 1974,CFRW played a contemporary music format until 1987, when it switched to Oldies, with a callsign and branding change to CIFX (“1290 Fox”).

    The station changed formats several more times, including to talk radio in 1995, pop standards in 1999 and sports (as part of CHUM’s now-defunct “The Team” network) in 2001.

    CFRW’s became an Oldies station again, in August 2002.

    To all my Winnipeg friends, hang in there, it seems Oldies will be back……..

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  • Jim B.

    AM 1290 was one of my three car radio presets. After this change I’ll have to hope to find another station. When you’re on the road (and especially waiting), there’s nothing better than Don Percy and the ‘oldies’ format as opposed to the hyped drone of sports trivia chatter.

  • tom

    there is a new radio station that is pretty good, 100.7 on the fm. They play some blues that is pretty good and a minimum of commercials, a lot better that the other choices on the fm band, and certainly better than american sports radio. IMHO

  • Randy

    CFRW had its own, unique flavor with the Oldies format. Percy was the KING of morning radio in Canada ! I do however, welcome the sports format since I love the NFL ! Too bad that CHUM couldn’t of kept the morning program with Percy going as well. This would of served most people needs for either. The future for radio will be mostly talk as music can be played on our tech apps we all own, at our discretion. Don Percy … THANKS for all those great years with great music ! Only you Don, could do this and have the people wanting more – why? Because you LOVED the oldies – you loved music and were very exceptional at it ! From your days at CKY to the West Coast and back to the Peg again – a big THANK YOU ! Your wit and humor was incomparable ! Have a great retirement (I think you will be back behind the mic because you love music and people – one day). :roll: