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Minimum Wage Going Up to $9.50 October 1

By Sarah Klein

Minimum wage workers in Manitoba will have more cash in their pockets starting October 1.

The province is raising the minimum wage by 50 cents to $9.50 an hour.

Officials with the province said this increase will help approximately 28,000 Manitobans, many of whom are women and youth.

This latest increase puts Manitoba near the middle of the minimum wage rates among the other Canadian jurisdictions.

  • Tblair

    Prices on everything are set to increase following in lock step with the minimum wage. The poor stay poor and the middle class gets screwed. :smile:

    unless your in a union that hands out a COLA, that is.

  • WpgCameraMan

    I pay my PA’s $15.00/hr, think I’ll boost it 50 cents, keep pace with the min wage jumps.

  • Paul

    Min wage goes to what I’m currently making. While I may get a raise to $10 per hour, its all for the wrong reason despite my hard work ethic, staying healthy, going beyond the call of duty etc. Plus I won’t gain anything from it just like last year when min. wage went up. Oh well, what can a person do.