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Your Election Words of the Week: Cracker Barrel

One of the most notable quotes so far during the civic election campaign came Thursday evening during the CBC Manitoba/Winnipeg Free Press Mayoral Forum.

The topic turned to waterparks, when Mayor Sam Katz defended the $7 million price tag by stating Grand Forks had one. Katz was interrupted by Winnipeg Free Press City Hall reporter Bartley Kives, who humourously quipped, “They also have Cracker Barrel.” Classic.

Bart’s line quickly spread like wildfire on Twitter, where tweeps were then discussing various American restaurant chains over the public vs. private sector.

So, we decided to whip this T-shirt up, with all net proceeds (25%) going to the Luxton Community Centre on St. Cross Street. The funding originally allocated to the waterpark project was redirected from Kildonan Park. Luxton is the closest community centre to that location. Buy a shirt.

*The T-shirt design does not include the watermark.

  • ‘Pegger

    I would buy one right now!! :mrgreen:

  • Ron

    Chris D, get these shirts made up stat!

  • Bartley Kives

    I certainly have a great face for radio.

  • Anonymous

    LOL Bart would make for an interesting cartoon character.

  • James Hope Howard

    I tried it once. He does.

    Anyway, that proposed shirt is the height of finery, and I would furthermore also endorse any shirt design that would plug him into the original Shepard Fairey Andre the Giant template. BARTLEY KIVES HAS A BLENDER 1’5” 7-SPEED $34.99

  • WpgCameraMan

    Cracker Barrel … I see them in kiosks in the malls around Xmas time, or they take up whatever vacant store might be available, selling the most God-awful red and orange blends of ‘meat’ .

    WHY Xmas time, I don’t know. I wouldn’t eat that crap at any time of year.

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  • Chris Sigurdson

    There is no Cracker Barrel in Grand Forks, check their website. I’ve been to the one in Bismarck.

  • Jack

    I find Bart’s facial expressions amusing when he listens to the answer after asking a question. Most of the time his face says, “Give me a break.” In other words, I obviously just bought a shirt.

  • Will Williamson

    @ Bartley Kives

    Bart get your facts straight, there is no Cracker Barrel in Grand Forks! You’re a lousy excuse for a journalist!