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Shaw’s Holiday Fireplace Returns for Another Year

Shaw's annual Holiday Fireplace is back. Subscribers can watch it for free, or via Video on Demand for 99 cents, with all proceeds going to charity. (KIM BABIJ / SHAW TV)

It’s become a holiday tradition, and as of Monday, Shaw’s annual Holiday Fireplace began flickering into homes across the country.

The peaceful looped display mixed with Christmas music can put anyone into the holiday mood with a click of the remote.

Shaw subscribers can tune in on channel 301 and order it via Video on Demand for 99 cents, with all proceeds going to the company’s charitable “Together is Amazing” campaign. Shaw will match all proceeds and donate them to local charities in 2011.

A free version will be available shortly on channel 165 in SD and channel 212 in HD.

On the local front, the fireplace will also be airing on channel 9 beginning on Christmas Eve until January 2, with cut-ins from Winnipeg personalities with their “Best of Shaw TV” segments. Christmas music will also commence December 1 on weather channel 48.

MTS TV subscribers were treated to a similar fireplace last year, but a company spokesperson couldn’t immediately confirm whether it would be returning this season.

UPDATE: December 1 — MTS TV customers can view the fireplace through MTS Video On Demand December 1 through January 15. Customers can choose between two natural crackling fire sounds and two yuletide blazes featuring holiday music. The fireplace is also available to mobile users under the ‘Fun Stuff’ menu of their mobile browser and online.

  • Sean Traverse

    Retract that last paragraph channel 48 is playing christmas music

  • Julia

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! My favourite part of the holiday season.. well besides presents, but this is a close second. :mrgreen:

  • Bomber Fan

    No they’re not. I just tuned in and heard Celine Dion singing a very non-Christmas song.

  • Jon

    The hand we see putting on a log is really Joanne Kelly’s? Neat.

  • Biff

    Do they film this in somebody’s actual house? Or is that a mock-up studio set?

  • Chris D.

    From my understanding, it’s filmed in a Shaw employee’s house.

  • Joanne

    I wish it was my arm!! We have taped several versions of the firelog over the years, including the one at Kim’s. For that taping we tried having a bunch of different arms – including Ace Burpee’s arm. But the one viewers seem to like best is the very first one we shot in 2004 at my old house. And the arm in that one is Marv our Technical Supervisor! That’s the one we played last year, and I believe we are playing that one again this year. The log will run until january 2nd – it will be interrupted that day with the live Max Midget Hockey tournament. Our “Best of 2010″ will run the 3rd, 4th and 5th, with fresh programming starting January 5th. Happy Holidays!!!!

  • Nicole

    If you go through our family’s photo album for the last couple years, the fireplace is always on in the background in many of the photos taken on Christmas morning. It’s a tradition at our place.

  • WpgCameraMan

    Anyone remember Fish TV ? Shaw ran it after hours, it was a shot of a fish tank with the schedule keyed over top. That was my finest accomplishment. Not so fine was that I had to clean it every 3 days or the fish would start dying. The fireplace is a much more reasonable alternative.

  • ‘Pegger

    Was going to criticize the fact there is a paid version until I read it was going to charity, so I’ll keep quiet. 😉

  • Sean Traverse

    winiipeg orcalgary?

  • Former Winnipeger

    Do you mean the Mac’s midget tournament, which takes place every Christmas in Calgary?

  • Joanne

    That is correct. Clearly I am not working on this production or I would have typed the name correctly! You will hopefully be able to cheer on some local teams. I believe at least two Manitoba teams are taking part – Westman Wildcats and Winnipeg Wild. And a plug while I am on here – replaying our production of the Boston Pizza AAAA High School Provincial Volleyball Championship tonight (Wed) for anyone who missed it live Monday – girls: River East Kodiaks and Lord Selkirk Royals, boys: Dakota Lancers vs John Taylor Pipers

  • Heather

    It is Dec. 1. Where is the free version of the fireplace channel? I think it’s very tacky of Shaw to have a paid version, even though it’s going to charity. I pay enough for TV each month and I would rather choose my own charities.

  • Kayla

    I want the fireplace channel, dangit!
    And I want it for free!
    And if you DO pay for it, it’s only for 24 hours, then you have to pay ANOTHER 99 cents, then another, and another, and another…. Stupid.

  • Heather

    I got tired of waiting for this channel so I bought the DVD for $4 at walmart. It has two settings..just the fireplace, or the fireplace with background christmas music.

    I’m glad I got the DVD instead, being that my family isn’t celebrating our Christmas on the 25th. We always have the fireplace on in the background from the moment the first person wakes up, all day until the last person goes to bed on Christmas. So seeing as we won’t have that luxury of the free fireplace channel on our christmas, I now have the DVD :)

  • Richard F

    Is it just me or is the fire unusually noisy for what is on screen? It almost sounds like someone is playing with bubble wrap in the background or it is “enhanced”.

  • Sebastian

    I love seeing “the fireplace channel” every year. It’s not Christmas until this channel is on.