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FAB 94.3 Brings Oldies Back to Winnipeg Radio

Winnipeg’s newest radio station launched Sunday, bringing back classic hits to the airwaves after 1290 CFRW switched formats in September.

FAB 94.3 replaces the struggling CURVE 94.3 format and will be specializing in “Super Hits of the 60s and 70s.”

The CHUM Radio station went live at 3 p.m.

The new morning show will launch at 6 a.m. on January 4 with Beau, Tom and Frazier — formerly of 99.9 BOB FM.

CURVE’s old morning show made up of Jay Richardson and Andrea Collins will move over to BOB the same day.

“We’re also excited to keep all the popular morning programs intact,” said Chris Stevens, Vice-President and General Manager of CHUM Radio Winnipeg in a release. “We’re lucky to have two popular morning shows and the station swap allows the teams to be best positioned for success in the appropriate demographics. We’re confident that everyone will be pleased.”

We predicted the format change earlier this month as a way for CTV to bounce back in the ratings, where the 94.3 frequency has underperformed for a while.

Listen to a preview:

  • melissa d

    Ya screw you new music! winnipeg doesn’t want to hear you! We need all the major stations playing the same thing 102,99,92,94 all old music. We are sooo cultured. Really? Even our music stations are resistant to change?play free bird! Woo hoo!

  • Andrew

    This is not cool. I hope this station fails and becomes CURVE again. However I am very happy that Andrea and Jay will still be on the radio. I will switch to BOB just because of them. Now… does anybody think BOB is up for changes, young staff on a 80-current radio station?

  • Biff

    Curve played some of the best music of any station in town, with a good variety. Who the hell wants to hear oldies besides pensioners, who likely won’t be listening anyway? What a complete waste of a perfectly good station. Time to change my radio presets…

  • WpgCameraMan

    Wonder if they would run ‘Sunday Trip’ as a 1hr show.
    Hmmm… I *do* have a face for radio. At least they got the general
    era correct, so I’ll listen to this station.

  • Morris in the Village

    Very predicable move by a very predictable (and boring)
    radio business. The best music and ideas are presented on the local
    college stations but unfortunately many of their announcers are
    shy, unable to read and can’t think fast on their feet.

  • Andrew

    In other news, people still listen to the radio.

  • DKnight

    I hope they start playing some Frankie Valli and the Four
    Seasons. Jersey Boys is awesome.

  • ryanb

    Great news! Nobody plays music from the 60’s or 70’s
    anymore – I guess someone thinks people in their 50’s are still
    worth catering to. Yeah, they don’t have any money? I hope they
    bring Don Percy back.

  • Morris in the Village

    More Elton John, Beatles, related Sugar Pop. Very

  • Reed Solomon

    Oh Good. I can listen to Bob in the mornings

  • the apparent minority

    Despite all the negative comments, I was listening when the
    station went live this afternoon and have been pretty pleased with
    their format so far. When 1290 changed from oldies to sports,
    Winnipeg radio was left with zero stations that concentrated on
    playing music made prior to the 80s. When 1290 changed, I was
    pissed, and found it difficult to locate a steady stream of oldies
    on the radio. And for the record, I am not a baby boomer – I’m 28 –
    just cause this stuff is 40+ years old doesn’t mean it isn’t
    appreciated and adored by the younger generations. So drop the
    assumptions. I agree, winnipeg radio has a diversity problem, and
    that the former CURVE 94 format probably offered the best
    assortment of tunes, but i think this is a good shift…just wish
    it would have happened at a more necessary frequency (99.9, 92.1,
    102.3, 100.7, etc.

  • Darlene

    About time. Love it!

  • Matthew Lausmann

    Time Bring Back 60s 70s And 80s Music!!!!

  • Bryan

    I like that this gets Beau and Tom off of BOB so I can listen to it again. Jay and Andrea will work great there.

    94’s change makes no sense though. Oldies only stations never work, and there’s already a LOT of 60’s and 70’s music being played on the other stations. Expect ratings to drop even further.

  • Crystal

    This is the last type of radio station Winnipeg needs – more old music. If I wanted to listen to old music, that is what my music collection is for.

    I would really like Winnipeg to get a station that plays new alternative music with NO Top 40 or Nickelback-type ‘rock’. There is so much talent out there that doesn’t get exposure in Winnipeg. My next car is getting satellite radio so I don’t get bleeding ears from Winnipeg radio statios.

  • Morris in the Village

    Bryan – they don’t work, you’re right. Most Winnipeggers have stubborn habits and the majority of locals listen to CJOB for the weather, the talk chats and local news. After that their ears are tuned to CBC 1, Ace Burpy, Power 97 and CITI-FM…..

    The other 14 or 15 stations just scramble to divvy up the remaining non-loyal listeners.

    The new Q-94 station just needs to get a 3 or 4 rating so their sales dudes can market the station to advertisers. 1290 Oldies was barely getting a 1.2 rating, KROC-FM was about .9 if memory serves….. if a station lists at around 1.0 for 2 or 3 straight books, that usually means a format change…..

    A station getting 1.5 to 2.5 can get thru about 5 or 6 books, as long as they show some incremental increases.

    A station in the 2.5 to 4.5 range is a player but within their own market niche.

    Stations getting 5.0 to 10.0 are doing quite well….

  • neverlift


  • neverlift

    Beau, Tom and Frazier are the downfall of any station.

  • Callie

    Oh my god I’m so excited. There’s more to 60’s and 70’s music than The Beatles and The Guess Who. I’ve already heard some Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and The Supremes. Some good old soul music. I hope that the station keeps that in mind and not resort to just the rock of the 60’s and 70’s.

  • Ian F

    We Need a New Radio for CHR Like Virgin or Other Radio Relly Love to, Hot 103 you need a wake up you need change attitude move to virgin the good radio

  • WpgCameraMan

    It’s like a mix between a Classic Rock station and 1290. I like it, but right off the hop, don’t play the same Door’s tune I can hear anywhere else on the dial. The catalogs of these artists are vast and just as radio friendly.

    But I did hear a few oldies that sounded really nice in stereo, and for that reason alone, I give this a thumbs up!
    I will make an effort to catch the morning show if I can manage to get up before noon.

  • Mantha

    Agreed, although Beau carries the majority of the blame.

    I sometimes feel like he’s sitting on a chair hooked up to an electric current, and if he doesn’t lead in or out of a song or tangent he is given a good jolt of voltage.

    Example: “That was Micheal Jackson, and Beat It! And we’re saying ‘Beat It’ to these cold temperatures!”

    “Journey, and ‘Wheel in the Sky’! Hey, the ‘Wheels on the STREET’ aren’t moving so fast up McPhillips this summer!”


    Beau also single handedly sucked the life out of “Wrong is Right”, which was fast, chaotic and fun when Steve and Harry did it. Beau slowed it down to a molasses-like pace.

  • Morris in the Village

    If your gonna program ‘Radio in a Box’ like K-ROC and
    Sports 1290 do the majority of the day I’d like to see a local
    frequency import a Top British Radio station, repleat with the
    intellectually sounding presenters and unique new sounds of the

  • Minoucha76

    I disagree…Curve was the perfect mix between 97.5 and
    Hot103. I listen to 103 a lot and now it will be the only station I
    will listen to as 94 sounds like all the others….No more Pop and
    Alternative in the same station. I love that most stations cater to
    50+ years. Thanks, I’m not close to that age. I prefer acting and
    staying young. I’m very disappointed in all the changes. First Freq
    107 leaves, now 94. It sucks, at least I still have 103 for a while
    but that may change to another oldies station as it’s quite
    apparent that’s what Winnipeg wants…Bunch of old farts…
    Disappointed, just disappointed

  • Morris in the Village

    Well, according to the stats, nearly one in every six
    Winnipeggers listen to CJOB and all the vomit they present on a
    regular basis including blithering gas-weasels like Charles Adler,
    Karen Black, Richie Cloutiere, etc. Only thing CJOB does well is
    football game coverage, traffic reports with Terry Awesome and
    Bryan Barclay plus Hal Anderson has toned down his rambunctious 500
    lb. personality and caters to folks over 50 very nicely.
    Occasionally, he’s very funny, too! As Manitobans get older and
    older, CJOB will continue to thrive….

  • Minoucha76

    So we’re left with a bunch of oldie stations. Crap!!!!
    So much for trying to be progressive.
    I hope it fails and we get a few stations that cater to the younger demographic.
    Frankly, all the music they play on 94, they could have added to 92, 99 or 102.
    Stupid crappy radio stations. Plus, if they really listened to the people of Winnipeg, they didn’t ask me or anyone I know. Did they go to the nursing home?????

  • Jeanie

    I really liked the music Curve played. I switched between 94 and 103. Actually, I dropped 102 in the process, but maybe now I’ll listen to them again.
    I can’t think of anything more boring than this format change. Zzzzz. It sucks.

  • Ian F

    I.m Agree Your Saying We Need Virgin Radio locking calgary their Radio Changed last June, 2010 from vibe 98 to Virgin Radio 98 the why points hot 103 need to changed a radio like calgary

  • Berni Harder

    Way too much motown, beachboys suck, Frankie Valli? How about some B-sides. There are so many awesome songs that never get airplay. This station will for sure fail, mark my words. I give them less than a year. Beau, Tom, and Frazier suck bigtime. Especially Frazier! Go back to Alberta! Stupid self depracating jokes get very boring. (can’t get a date, etc.)The trio is finished. Hopefully cjob won’t scoop them up after this one fails. Try K-rock in the afternoons, after thier morning guys are done. They play some awesome blues!!

  • Diana

    This is a great move! Tired of all the same old Zepplin, The Who and Bon Jovi that both 92.1 and 99.9 play. Really looking forward to this change!
    The only thing that I could do without? Frasier. Don’t need 3 people. She’s annoying and she talks too much.
    Beau and Tom are great with just the two of them like it once was. Get rid of her. Please??? :)
    What will happen to Wrong is right?

  • diane schaefer

    I really miss 1290 the oldies station. I enjoyed the
    canadian music they played they played a good mix, one day the
    younger generation will age, i hope they will be able to find the
    music they grew up with.


    rock and [edited] roll maaaan, forever young. Kids born tomorrow will listen to floyd and what not, radio will always dissapoint someone, even me, thats why i have my ipod. but as time moves on rock moves with it, 😈

    ps i was actually surprised curve failed, i thought it was doin waaay better, meh


    Wow! Shocking! A station that attempted to get away from this city’s dated views and small time thinking failed! Really?

    Actually I personally gave up on Curve a few months after it came out. I thought they were supposed to be “AN ALTERNATIVE” to pop, but they never were…. those of us wanting to actually listen to an alternative station were not satisfied, it was a poorly done attempt to please the alternative market while still trying to cater to the top 40 masses. I used to get those emails from Curve asking my opinion, and frankly, I had little good to say…

    Is this a good thing though? No. Lets keep hearing music from the last 3 decades and never change. Oh Winnipeg, Will you ever grow as a city??

    I’ll still to Red Rivers Collage station, at least I can depend on the students to serve me something new and different without all the crap.

  • CMAC

    Get satellite radio.

  • mean jean

    Is it Tom who reads the news/sports on BOB?
    Tell him to put his teeth in. You’re supposed to speak the language, not chew it up and spit it out.

    I’d be all for a new music station if new music didn’t suck balls!!

    Can’t stand dance music. A “hit” song is on the charts for all of 2 weeks.

    New rock is whiny BS. It’s like country music with an electric guitar.

  • Debbie

    Can’t wait for Winnipeg to get an oldies station back on the air! I’d like to hear someone other than Don Percy though, I don’t think he was very funny nor that entertaining lets give someone else a try! I can’t make any sense out of this hip-hopping around type of music, maybe I’m just stuck in the past and loving it!!! :)Hey our music is coming back lots of the new people are doing it, so we must have done something right. Having the station on FM to means we’ll be able to get it out at the lake too!

  • Jill

    The new music SUCKS. Bring back Andrea and Jay and the music they use to play! What’s our alternative? Listen to “Hot 103″ whom I can’t stand..they have WAY too many commercials and spend the majority of their morning show NOT playing good music, but laughing amongst themselves.

  • Nicole

    I feel like I have nothing to listen to anymore. Curve offered a good variety of pop, rock, and songs from the late 90’s you used to love.

    103 is okay, but there is way too many commercials and the same songs overplayed. I couldn’t believe it when I flipped on the radio and had the Beatles blaring at me. Beatles are cool and all but there’s already a handful of radio stations already out there where I can listen to them.

  • Lynn

    I’m a little surprised at all of the comments. It seems that all of the people under 40 that still listen to radio in Winnipeg have posted here. Do we need another classic rock / oldie station in Winnipeg? Absolutely not. BUT… where was the support for Curve? Was it poorly programmed? Did Curve play the wrong songs or were the on-air peeps just not that good? Or do most people under 40 just listen to their iPod? Is radio dying? Is radio just for people over 45. Can a radio station still make money targeting 20 & 30 years old? Or have the lower demographics abandoned radio for good?

  • jfk

    I love how you think that Andrea and Jay picked the music. So cute. Obviously, not someone in the business.

    The person who programmed the music was let go, among many before Curve switched formats.

    by trying to please everyone, CURVE pleased no one. A listener who likes Beastie Boys, rarely will stick around for the next Lady GaGa tune.