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Brian Yasui Canned from Citytv Winnipeg

Brian Yasui (CITYTV)

Add another name to the casualty list of the Citytv chopping block.

Brian Yasui was laid off from the television station Monday, making for the sixth employee to be let go in less than a week.

Yasui was a longtime news anchor at Citytv and brought viewers the day’s headlines each weekday morning on “Breakfast Television.”

Yasui began at Citytv in the mid-80s as a Parliament Hill reporter in Ottawa. From there, he served briefly at CNN in Atlanta before making the move to Citytv Winnipeg in 2004.

No word yet on who will replace him.

Last Tuesday, the station laid off five people, including two shooters, one editor and two writers.

  • WpgCameraMan

    Did he not do a skit with Laurie Mustard on CBC where they played Clouseau & Kato ? I’m going back to that show that Laurie hosted, then it went national and sucked huge.

  • Bomber Fan

    Citytv, or more particularly Rogers Television, is a cold-hearted and disgusting company. First they lay off a pregnant woman and her husband, and three others and now Brian? This station makes me sick.

  • Ryan

    What did Brian ever do? He was like the dad of BT.

    Always did a good job reading the news and interviewing the guests, too.

  • Jodie

    Horrible! Now we’ll have to watch Mark Jardine, who looks miserable and half asleep when reading the news.

  • Anonymous

    Who are the original ones still left at CHMI? Mark Jardine and Johnny Cameron? Is everyone else gone?

  • Will Williamson

    And I saw him this morning on BT reading the news, they must of canned him right after the show left the air.

  • SuperJock

    Brian…my condolences…crappy thing, my friend…..well… can always go back to freelance!

  • Shaun

    That seems to be the way they do it at that place. Make them work there last shift before they fire them

    Kinda like when the mafia makes you did your own grave in the desert but the mob shows more kindness

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, the station knew about this last week and only told Brian after BT ended today. Cold as ice. Blame Dwight Iwan.

  • Jules

    Chris D with another inside exclusive on local media. lol i love it! Citytv management must be so pissed by now.

  • Rob T.

    Sorry to see you go Brian. I’m sure you’ll be working again in no time. Best of luck.

  • holly

    Well Dwight did learn from the best corporate evil masterminds at CKND. Sad he has chosen that route!
    Layoffs are never easy, but the way the choose to remove people after they “use” them is unforgivable!

  • citytv sucks

    Does anybody really even watch CityTV anymore? That station is a joke. Their news sucks, their programming sucks. City and CBC are two channels I never give any attention to.

  • Rachel

    Honestly! CityTV has got to get its @#$% out of its @#$% and bring some honest-to-goodness NEWS – quality NEWS – back to us! What a loss … a veteran newsman given the axe! CITYTV, you’re getting to be all about FLUFF!! Blech! Brian, you need to get on board with a REAL NEWS STATION!

  • yolanda

    The firing of Brian has sealed the deal for me. I have remained a viewer since the start of BT, in spite of all the changes that have occured. Yes, I understand that things change all the time but, shouldn’t the changes be for the better? I am not here to bash anyone however, I must say that at times I have a hard time understanding Pay Chen while she is talking 100 miles a second and could think of a couple others who should have got the ax way before looking in Brian’s direction. I also must mention, as I kept silent before; the show has grown dull and boring. Where are the guests that once filled the set? I have gone to morning events at schools and such after learning of the goings-on in Winnipeg. The plant lady, the tax man, entertainment, resturant owners, ect…were the show. You have let go of some of the finest, it is sad. I’m not sure why the people you’ve desposed of in the last couple years don’t team up and make the best Breakfast show that Winnipeg has seen, God knows, they’ve sure got the talent. I know it does not matter one way or another but, I will not watch the show anymore.

  • Disgusted

    I am disgusted with this station for real. It was bad enough Jimmy Mac goes, then Jon, now Brian! Honestly you are left with a bunch of fluff heads who wear jeans and look kind of XXXXXXX. I have stopped watching and to those gone you will do much better than BT. Get a life Rogers!

  • Disgusted

    IT is ridiculous and now that all the decent people are gone I am sure that they are going to lose a lot of viewers. I for one am done with them.

  • Disgusted

    Totally agree, they have turned to fluff and people who make no sense! Good luck Brian!

  • Disgusted

    Agree, boring, silly and not worth 2 cents to watch.

  • Bonnie

    I am not liking all the changes on BT lately…..Jon is gone Brian is gone and I can’t stand Jeremy! May start Canada AM!

  • Marianne Krause

    What is Breakfast Television thinking. Since I have started watching your morning show there have been way to many changes. I just get comfortable with someone new and you drop them. I am thinking of dropping your show. Before you know it will an all female show. Don’t get me wrong I am female but it is boring without more male input. Big Mistake.

  • horace

    I watched your show from day one but with the staff change I will no longer be tuning to your show in the mornings,that was the best show funny and like family,now very dry ,sorry guys

  • Mathew

    BT is going in the wrong direction, cold hearted and stupid decisions. Who gets rid of staff like brushing off snow and hires Jeromy John?? I,ve had enough, i,m Canada AM now, oh ya, you new guys on BT, watch your back.

  • Denise

    I’ve been wondering what’s happened to Brian…now I know. Frankly he’s better off – I don’t know how he had the patience to put up with the immature nonsense that passes for entertainment on that show! The format is nonsensical – who starts off a newscast with two weather reports and a traffic update? I used to look forward to B.T. – now I just watch the Weather Channel instead. Good luck, Brian – there’s something better out there I’m sure!

  • M.A.

    I can’t believe they have let another good guy go! BT is not worth watching anymore. I have been an avid fan for years but am watching Canada AM now. No Jon, no Brian, no good!

  • Anonymous

    BT not worth watching anymore!!Too many changes, and not for the good.Canada AM is our news program now!

  • jv

    just found out that brian yasui is no longer with bt, have not been watching it that much since jimmy mac and jon were let seems rogers is getting rid of the older people and bringing in these younger boring,trying to be cutesy and nauseatingly polite types that make so many mistakes trying to carry on a conversation even if its written down in front of them.the only one left who’s got it going on is jenna khan. way to go rogers, you’re supposed to keep the viewers, not send them to the next channel. mr.sponsors, are u listening????

  • Jon W

    I didn’t know they fired Brian…The girl who reads the news now can’t even orate 2 sentences without stumbling (so pretty)the only reason it’s on is so i can check local weather and road conditions…The other hosts are border line irritating and inane. They has been sound difficulties for the last 6 weeks that hasn’t been addressed…This program is AWFUL!!!

  • sharon d.

    I totally agree with all the above criticims. I wish another station would gather Teri Apostle, Jimmy Mac, Jon and Brian and start a morning show. Breakfast Telivision seems to cater to people 14 and under! I will no longer watch this show anymore either. These new hosts are terrible!!!