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Andrea Slobodian to Co-Host Sun TV Morning Show

Andrea Slobodian

Andrea Slobodian, former Winnipegger-turned-Calgarian, will co-host a new morning show on the Sun News Network.

Slobodian left Global Winnipeg in September 2009 to become Shaw TV Calgary’s first ever weather anchor. She then left to pursue a brief stint at CBC Calgary.

On Thursday, Quebecor Media announced she’ll make up one-third of a panel on “The Roundtable.”

“It will be a feisty, personality-driven discussion on national issues… including the West,” the network said in a release.

Slobodian will co-host from Calgary with Alex Pierson and Pat Bolland chiming in from Toronto.

“(This) lets me do more anchoring, which I’ve always loved,” Slobodian said when reached by e-mail.

The show will air weekdays from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. CT.

Andrea’s last day at the CBC is today.

Fun fact: Former Globalite Nicole Dubé will also be part of the new network when it launches April 18.

  • jp

    Calgary can have her.

  • Danno

    Oh my she’s sexy :) wish she come back to peg city

  • Jessica


  • John S.

    I watched her “weather hits” on Shaw TV channel 9 when she did national weather, but was wondering where she went lately. Congrats to Andrea!

  • WpgCameraMan

    Ya, I think I’ll be watching this Sun TV thing.. ya…

  • Jimmy

    The Sun Channel is collecting babes, not talent. Andrea’s ok, not a great anchor IMO, hard to believe she’ll be on a national network, but I suppose it will be channel 179 or so…

  • Reed Solomon

    I liked her. I Still won’t bother with Sun TV. Does the world really need another depressing news channel?

    Call me when someone makes a fluff news channel that focuses mainly on talented animals and country folk finding potatoes in the shape of celebrities.

  • Chris

    Can’t say I liked her as an anchor or a reporter. That being said, I’d take her over Lindsay Warner any day….

    Craig’s a better weather anchor… he has some personality at least.

    This new gig’s interesting… though the premise is still a bit ambiguous. The name “The Roundtable” and Sun TV’s statement to me implies it’s more than just reporting/ anchoring, though her quote suggests otherwise. If it is more of a panel discussion type of format, it’d be interesting to see/hear what her opinions and views on current events are…

  • tt

    Sun Tv news? Looks like its becoming a forum for its western voices. Most of the talent is from the west. I thought that fat piece of shit named Chuck Adler had disappeared, but low & behold, he shows up on Sun TV. Looks like if you are Right-Wing Reformer/Alliance/Conservative, you got a job.

    Just what Canada needs, another all news network. Take control of your lives, like Peter Finch says, “i cant take it anymore”. TURN OFF YOUR TELEVSIONS, DO IT NOW!!!

  • john

    Jealousy will get you nowhere.