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Target Announces Planned Manitoba Locations

When Target transforms a select number of Zellers stores, Manitoba will have five of them.

The U.S. retailer announced its 105 Canadian locations on Thursday, which will begin opening up across the country in 2013.

Winnipeg Targets will be located at Grant Park Shopping Centre, Kildonan Place Shopping Centre, Polo Park Shopping Centre and Southdale Centre. Brandon will also get a location at Shoppers Mall.

Target is spending $1.82 billion to acquire the retail spaces from Zellers. The deal was announced earlier this year for the leases of 220 Zellers stores to be bought out.

Target will open up its Canadian headquarters in a 180,000 square foot space in Mississauga, Ontario.

  • Will Williamson

    This is even better than the Jets coming back!

  • Paul Clerkin

    How many Zellers are there in WPG – and what’s happening the others?


    Not sure on the exact number of Winnipeg locations, but the remaining stores will remain Zellers. Other reports suggest a handful may eventually close, but the Zellers brand will still be around.

  • Corey Q

    The other remaining Zellers stores in Winnipeg include:
    – Fort Richmond (South Pembina)
    – The Bay Downtown
    – Northgate

    The River East store on Henderson Highway closed earlier this year. The Fort Richmond store didn’t get the recent renovation – my sense is it isn’t long for this world.

    As Chris says, HBC does plan on keeping the Zellers name around (for the tiem being, anyway).

    I’m actually surprised Northgate wasn’t chosen. It was one of the recently renovated stores, and is a decent size. This puts KP as the only Target store in the entire north side of the city.