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Kevin Bacon to Perform in Winnipeg March 9

The Bacon Brothers - Kevin and Michael Bacon (HANDOUT)

Actor Kevin Bacon and his brother, Michael, will bring their two-man show to Winnipeg’s McPhillips Station Casino on March 9.

The Bacon Brothers duo will perform songs from their latest album, New Year’s Day, a song in itself that’s from the perspective “of a kid, 18 or 19, who’s left Philadelphia for Los Angeles to pursue his dream of stardom, but is pining to get back to Philly for the Mummers Parade,” according to Kevin, as stated in a release.

Michael Bacon is a successful composer, whose recent projects include the theme for “Bill Moyer’s Journal,” “African American Lives (1 and 2)” and “Oprah’s Roots.” Michael won an Emmy Award for his score for “The Kennedy’s.”

Tickets go on sale Thursday for $40 and $50 at

Casinos of Winnipeg also announced the following shows on Monday:

Feb 9 — The Northern Pikes, $20 and $25, on sale now
Mar 16 — Spirit of the West, $30 and $35, on sale January 12
Mar 22 — ABBAmania & Night Fever, $30 and $35, on sale January 12
Mar 29 and 30 – Who’s Bad — The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute, $30 and $35, on sale January 13

  • Molocke

    It’s true the actual Bacon Brothers are 2 men, Kevin and Michael Bacon but this is NOT a 2 man show.  The brothers are backed by some of the most talented musicians that compliment the Bacon Brother’s style as well as each other’s to form a tight sounding ensemble that will surely please and delight the senses!  As a long time fan of this group I can tell you that each band member brings their own unique style to the table while their collaborative efforts on the last cd, New Year’s Day, is evidence of pure talent.  These members include Ira Siegel on a number of stringed instruments including guitar and mandolin, Paul Guzzone on bass, Frank Vilardi on drums, and Joe Mennonna on keyboards.  It is also true that many who end up going to see Kevin Bacon because of his celebrity or out of curiousity, leave most pleasantly surprised at what they hear and see and almost always end up wanting more!  A must see show for sure!!