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VIDEO: Virtual View of Seasons of Tuxedo Shopping Mall

UPDATE: The video has since been removed from Vimeo.

A virtual view of a new upscale shopping development in Winnipeg’s south end has recently hit the Internet.

Seasons of Tuxedo will be a unique 1.5-million-square-foot commercial development led by developer Fairweather Properties and anchored by IKEA.


The video delves into the mall’s large-scale property, located to the west of Kenaston Boulevard at the corner of Sterling Lyon Parkway. The shopping complex is slated to open in 2014 or 2015, roughly two years later than the planned 350,000-square-foot IKEA store, which is expected to open in the fall/late 2012.

Retailers for Seasons of Tuxedo have only been rumoured to date, but the development is expected to attract unique brands to the city, some of which have never opened a store in Canada. The mall is being touted as being very pedestrian-friendly, with walkways, pedestrian bridges and streets dedicated solely to foot traffic.

  • Fstudio

    wont open until 2020

  • eman

    You can’t call it pedestrian friendly if there is no density.  It needs apartment towers with mixed incomes,, such that workers can afford to live near + luxury condos.  If no one lives within walking distance then everybody shopping or working arrives by car,, small percent by bus.  Mix income High rise apartments should be part of the plan from the start,, a condition of development.  

  • Anonymous

    Looks pretty car friendly to me! Look at that roundabout! Makes me want to drive everywhere like those strip malls. I guess things will never change in the peg. Who needs BRT/LRT?

  • Matt Fry

    Looks pretty nice but are those openings in the roof on the video?  Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of having a roof anywhere else?  Or is that just a mistake on the artist rendering?  Hopefully, that’ll all be closed off when it’s actually built.