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‘Wheeler in the Morning’ Moves to 92 CITI FM

Phil Aubrey, Rena Jae and Dave Wheeler (DAN HARPER / POWER 97)

One day after resigning from Power 97, Winnipeg radio personalities Dave Wheeler, Phil Aubrey and Rena Jae have a new home at 92 CITI FM.

Rogers Media made the announcement Thursday, welcome the trio to the competing rock station as the new morning show.

“Wheeler in the Morning with Philly and Rena” will replace the existing Tom and Joe morning show with Tom McGouran and Joe Aiello.

“As Winnipeg’s highest rated rock morning show, securing the on-air team of team of Dave Wheeler, Phil Aubrey and Rena Jae will take one of Canada’s pioneer rock radio stations to the next level in this competitive market,” said Scott Armstrong, general manager and program director.

Aiello will move to sister station 102.3 Clear FM to co-host the morning show alongside existing on-air personality Kerri Salki.

“We thank Tom and Jay (Oliver) for their dedication and significant contributions to CITI and Clear FM, and wish them all the best,” said Armstrong.

CITI’s midday host, Alix Michaels, was also let go.

Details on when the new shows will debut are expected in the coming weeks.

  • Rsrunner

    Where’s Tom going!?

  • Biff

    I hope Maureen Holloway still does her bit with Wheeler and co. on 92 in the mornings… Though I think she’s employed by Corus. Bleh.

  • MacFLY

    *yawn, that move was so predictable, just like their show was. It’s too bad I just started listening to 92 on my way to work so I wouldn’t have to listen to wheeler talk about wheeler all morning, poor rena and philly. Time to look at a satellite radio..

  • Mean Jean

    This is the best thing to happen to Bell in years. ( Other than Jets)
    CITI is going to displace a good deal of listeners who cannot tolerate Wheeler and co.
    BOB has gotta be licking their chops!
    Fab will also gain listeners but to a lesser extent.

    Joe and Kerri are going to be great together.
    Jay Oliver was holding her back.

    Howard Manshein is still the best 3 hours of radio bar none.

    Power needs to come back guns blazing which is going to be tough since they couldn’t afford their last am show.

  • daren

    big mistake i will no longer listen to radio. for sale one eef u cancer,not going to wear has 92 citi on it

  • daren

    management should be fired

  • james

    And this is why I listen to Howard Stern. Better than anyone mentioned in this article.

  • Pegger

    I’d rather listen to my alarm buzzer than Wheeler!

  • Beersy

    On the bright side, Citi listeners will be able to listen to Wheeler talk about his ex wife in a year or so.

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