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U of W Honours Wesmen Classic Founder

By Brian Schultz

University of Winnipeg WesmenThe University of Winnipeg has named a gymnasium inside its Duckworth Centre after the pioneer of its athletic program.

The Dr. David F. Anderson Gymnasium is in recognition of Anderson’s profound influence on the U of W’s athletic and related academic programs, including founding the Wesmen Classic.

The Anderson family has also made a $400,000 donation to the university — the largest single amount directed to the Duckworth Centre by a private donor — which will be used to upgrade athletic facilities within the gymnasium.

“David Anderson pioneered the athletic programs that are an integral part of The University of Winnipeg today,” said Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, president and vice-chancellor. “His extensive contributions laid the foundation for our athletic endeavours here — which now comprise 13 sports teams, the new Faculty of Kinesiology, and the coming United Health & RecPlex.”

A formal campus event and celebration of Dr. Anderson’s significant contributions to the U of W is in the works.

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    Please note: While Dr. Anderson was instrumental in many aspects of developing both the UW
    athletic and related academic programs, and while he did indeed contribute to
    the origins of the Wesmen Classic, it was Vic Pruden, a pioneer Wesmen
    Basketball Coach, who should be credited as the originator of the Wesmen
    Classic, formerly the Golden Boy.


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