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Hal Anderson Let Go from 680 CJOB

Hal Anderson
Hal Anderson speaks with during an interview in April 2011. (CHRISD.CA FILE)

Corus Radio Winnipeg has let three employees go in an apparent shakeup.

Hal Anderson of the 680 CJOB morning show, along with producer Olivia Billson, were two of the casualties on Tuesday. Billson produced for Anderson when he first began his talk show, but was most recently content producer for Charles Adler.

Anderson had been the morning host at the AM station for the past five years after moving over from Power 97. Radio insiders said he was at the end of his contract.

Corus also cut ties with Matt Cundill, brand director for their two other local stations, Power 97 and 99.1 Fresh FM.

CJOB earned a 12.8 share during last fall’s ratings period, making it the top radio station in Winnipeg. Spring ratings will be released May 29.

  • JJ

    New GM wants to mark his territory. We’re living in a world where ratings don’t equal job security anymore.

  • stormy_skye

    OB’s been moving towards trying to get a younger demographic audience. I’m surprised Adler is still around.

  • Jo B.

    In many cases, in this industry, “younger” = ‘inexperienced’ + ‘low salary’. Corus needs to realize that you can’t charge advertisers top dollar for spots, flood the air time with ads, and then fill it with inexperienced bubble heads & that idiotic news wheel format. BTW, who do they thing has the $ to buy the cars & the home improvements the advertisers are flogging? The ‘younger’ audience? Not a chance…

  • Julie Anne Buchy

    Corus is a terrible company. They messed up the radio stations in Edmonton over the past couple of years and suddenly are no longer as popular as they once were. The great on-air personalities have moved to other stations and those are the stations getting the market share now. Good Luck, Hal! You’ll land on your feet in an even better role somewhere else!!

  • Janice Becker-Streilein

    What a bunch of idiots letting Hal go! Loved listening to him. I can’t stand the other stations…….they “try” to be funny, but for me they are just not the real thing.
    Good Luck Hal, you will find a job where you are respected!
    Companies now just don’t give a damn about people, they only want money, and lots of it!

  • duffupet

    I would have thought that Hal Anderson was making them money which makes his release all the more confusing – unless of course they felt they were going to have to pay him more than they felt his ratings deserved

  • Guest

    when I read 3 people were let go I was like YES DAHLIA IS GONE! but nope…

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  • morning show listener no more

    Good Luck Hal and Olivia. I stopped listening to OB. It’s mostly reruns anyway.
    And Adler and his neice Dahlia have got to go!

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  • Shell

    I miss Hal and the laughter! Mornings are just not the same now!

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  • Lorraine

    Me too. I wish Hal all the best. I will no longer be listening to cjob