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Diversity Highlighted During Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Eating Disorder
(Eating disorder image via Shutterstock)

Monday marked the start of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week in Canada, turning attention to a range of eating disorders, including the less familiar binge eating disorder.

“While we know that early diagnosis is most helpful for recovery, recovery can happen at any age and any stage,” said Lori Peters, coordinator of the eating disorder program at Women’s Health Clinic.

“We want all people to know that they can seek treatment without feeling embarrassed. In our program we see men and women; people of all genders and backgrounds are welcome here.”

Statistics show 10 percent of those with eating disorders are men, and they are less likely to seek treatment due to the misconception that eating disorders only affect women.

Early diagnosis is key for recovery, but those with lesser-known disorders facing stigma may stay silent and not seek help.

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week runs February 1-7. Learn more at



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