Winnipeg Police Search for Suspects, Motive in ‘Brazen’ Fatal Shooting

Winnipeg Police Search for Suspects, Motive in ‘Brazen’ Fatal Shooting

By The Canadian Press

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WINNIPEG – Winnipeg police continue to search for suspects and a motive in a bold shooting that killed an Alberta man.

Theodoros Belayneh, who was 32, died in hospital after someone fired at a vehicle he was in at a central-area intersection on Nov. 26.

Another man who was with him suffered serious wounds.

Belayneh had been at a hip-hop concert before the shooting.

Police had previously asked anyone who attended the concert and took photos or video inside or in the parking lot during the event to contact them.

Sgt. John O’Donovan says investigators are having a tough time figuring out a motive for the shooting, which he called “brazen” and “daring.”

“To drive by a line of traffic and open fire, at one vehicle in particular and keep firing at that vehicle … there was no doubt about it — their intention was to kill the occupants of that vehicle,” he said.

Belayneh, who was from Edmonton, was known to Winnipeg police because of a May 2014 arrest on alleged weapons offences.

“There are people that know Teddy Belayneh and they might be able to help us with a motive,” O’Donovan said. “If he was having issues with somebody else or with whatever group of people, that’s something that we need to know.”

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