Weather’s Latest Casualty: Festival du Voyageur Sculptures

Festival du Voyageur Sculpture

Manitobans were blaming the weather this week for thousands of car collisions and several broken bones, but Mother Nature has a new victim. You know those snow sculptures around the city in preparation for the Festival du Voyageur? Most of them are now feeling the wrath of our warmer temperatures during the last few days. Oh, the rain didn’t help either.

Hours were spent carving these masterpieces, which are slowly dripping faster than an ice cream cone in a child’s hand. With the festival just two days away, organizers are hoping the weather cools down enough to harden the snow. They may get their wish, as temperatures today and until Friday will range from -4°C to -8°C. Looking ahead to Saturday is even better for snow conditions, with a high of -15°C.

But the sculptures aren’t the only pieces of snow and ice dealing with a February thaw. The Assiniboine River Trail is currently closed until further notice. Officials are warning people to stay off the trail while they assess the conditions more thoroughly to ensure safety. You can visit for updates on the trail’s condition. photo


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