Orlikow vs. Currier — Facebook Battle to the Finish

Orlikow vs. Currier — Facebook Battle to the Finish

John Orlikow and Geoff Currier - Facebook

Two candidates are battling it out in a race to take the seat of City Councillor for the River Heights / Fort Garry Ward.

Both have taken a page from Barack Obama’s campaign handbook, as school trustee John Orlikow and CJOB broadcaster Geoff Currier have launched Facebook groups to gain support.

But who is more e-popular?

Currier currently has 73 supporters, while Orlikow sits at 199 and counting.

As far as promotion, Geoff Currier is also on Twitter, while John Orlikow has purchased ad space on the social networking site.

When it comes to who has the better website … GeoffCurrier.ca has quite a bit of information on his, while Orlikow.ca only features a splash page. But what John Orlikow lacks in an actual website presence, he makes up for with his Facebook page, which conveniently features a PayPal button to accept donations. Very clever.

Geoff Currier told ChrisD.ca that it’s too early in the campaign to determine how big an impact either Facebook or Twitter are having. “We’re living in an era in which social networks are key tools in getting any message out to the public,” he said.

The By-election takes place Tuesday, March 17, 2009.


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