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Man Shoots TV Over DTV Transition

February 22, 2009 7:24 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Chris D. TelevisionOn February 17, a select few U.S. broadcasters switched from an analog signal to a digital signal. Starting June 12, 2009, all remaining networks will also have to move to completely digital in the U.S.

An unfortunate TV viewer in Missouri who didn’t purchase a digital receiver was caught off guard when his TV went fuzzy. The 70-year-old homeowner was angry that he couldn’t watch his favourite show and peppered his screen with bullets. Cops were called and after a short standoff, the man was taken into custody. His wife told officers the suspect had been drinking.

Luckily, you shouldn’t be caught in this same situation, as Canadians still have plenty of time to buy a digital receiver or upgrade their TV. Most Canadians won’t have to take any action though, as most TVs have built-in digital tuners to handle the switch. August 31, 2011 is when all TV networks in this country convert to digital.