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Winnipeg News Media Embraces Twitter — Are You Tweeting Yet?

March 9, 2009 7:00 AM | Columns


Let’s start with the basics.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? Messages, or “tweets” are limited to 140 characters and updated in real time.

Why Should I Use Twitter?

Say what you will about social media sites, like Facebook etc., but Twitter is a powerful networking and promotional tool, that if used correctly, can be extremely beneficial to you and your brand.

I’ve been a member for almost two years now and use it to let my “followers” (those who choose to be informed of my updates) about new blog posts on ChrisD.ca. I also share information about what I may be up to during the day or what I’m working on — something you won’t read anywhere else.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter gets right to the point. It’s a simple, easy to use interface that allows your friends or family to know what you’re doing. Like many sites, there are privacy concerns, but Twitter allows you to adjust your settings accordingly to weed out intrusive eyes. On the other hand, if privacy was a real concern of yours, you wouldn’t be on Twitter.

Who’s on Twitter?

Everyone is getting on board lately, especially the local Winnipeg news media. Organizations such as the Winnipeg Free Press, CBC Manitoba and CTV Winnipeg are all on Twitter. Heck, even radio host Ace Burpee tweets his daily musings from his BlackBerry.

There are also more high profile Twitterers, such as Barack Obama, who used the site during his campaign to leverage the power of thousands of followers to campaign on his behalf. The most popular Hollywood stars to embrace the service though are Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, who tweet on a daily basis.

Just last week, Free Press reporter Bruce Owen tweeted updates on the Vince Li trial live from the courtroom to about 450 followers. Bruce told me that it gained the most response ever than any other story he’s done! Gone are the days of waiting for the wire to pick up a story and feed it to outlets for release to the public. With Twitter, there’s no waiting.

Using Twitter for Business

As mentioned above, several news organizations belong to Twitter, but how about ordinary businesses? Sure, they’re also on it. Kildonan Place tweets about the latest sales and offers found in-store as soon as they become available.

Southwest Airlines, Starbucks and Kodak are also some of the big brands tweeting to customers on a personal level. Some companies are even starting to roll out Twitter-only promotions, exclusive to their followers.

Since I’ve been using Twitter to broadcast my daily syndication feed of blog posts, I’ve noticed a 20% increase in web traffic alone. Having Twitter automatically pick up new entries and tweet them to over 900 followers is a no-brainer when it comes to website promotion.

How Do I Get Followers?

This is the most important part. If no one is following you, it’s pretty much a wasted cause. Here are a few of my personal recommendations to increase your following:

  • Slap a Twitter logo on your site with the URL to your profile.
  • Follow people first; most of the time they follow you back.
  • Add your Twitter user name to your business card. Seriously.
  • Already on Facebook? Post a note with a link to your Twitter profile.
  • Send out an e-mail to friends/co-workers asking them to follow you.
  • Order this shirt and wear it everywhere.

Chance are you want to follow Winnipeggers, so using Twitter’s advanced search option will come in handy. You can narrow down your findings by searching for others in the same city as you, and then simplify those results even more by kilometre range. The thing about Twitter is that it isn’t like Facebook, whereas you want to know the person before adding him/her to your list. Twitter is a bit more open, friendly and all about connecting to others in your niche, field or general interest area.

Twitter Tools

Like any social media service, there are tools to assist your experience. Sites like TwiTip.com and TweetLater.com are just a few of thousands offering free tips, tricks and tools to maximize your use of Twitter. There’s even a list of 99 essential Twitter tools and applications for you to sort through.

Even the App Store is stocked with tools you can download to make Twittering from the iPhone that much easier.

If uploading photos on the fly is what you’re into, the official Twitter photo service is TwitPic.com. Photos are posted directly to your Twitter time line as soon as you upload them from either your mobile device or computer.

Local People You Should Follow

If you’re on Twitter or thinking about joining, consider these locals to add to your list:

CTV Winnipeg – @ctvwinnipeg
CTV Winnipeg breaking news @ctvwinnipegbrk
CTV producer Susan Tymofichuk – @tymofichukctv
CTV reporter Jon Hendricks – @ctvjon
CTV reporter Helen Cholakis – @helencholakis
CTV reporter Meghan Roberts – @meghanctv
CTV reporter Ben Miljure – @ctvnewsben
CTV reporter Daniella Ponticelli – @ctvdaniella
CTV sports anchor/reporter Josh Crabb – @joshrcrabb
CTV sports director Shawn Churchill – @shawnchurchill
CTV sports reporter/anchor Kevin Olszewski – @kowpg
CTV anchor Gord Leclerc – @gordleclercctv
CTV anchor Maralee Caruso – @mleecaruso
CTV weekend anchor/reporter Cheryl Holmes – @cherylmholmes
CTV late night anchor Andrea Slobodian – @andreasloboctv
CTV political reporter Jeff Keele – @jeffkeelectv
CTV weather specialist Colleen Bready – @colleenctv
CTV crime reporter Alesia Fieldberg – @ctvalesia
CTV reporter/producer Beth Macdonell – @bethmacdonell
CTV Morning Live – @ctvmorningwpg
CTV Morning Live co-host Eleanor Coopsammy – @ecoopsammyctv
CTV Morning Live co-host Kris Laudien – @krislaudienctv
CTV Morning Live reporter Rachel Lagacé – @rachellagacectv
CTV Morning Live traffic/weather specialist Terri Apostle – @terriapostlectv
CTV Morning Live traffic reporter Jesse Carlson – @jessecarlsonctv
CTV Morning Live web reporter Nicole Dubé – @nicoledube
CTV Morning Live web reporter Kelly Linehan – @kellylinehanctv
CTV Morning Live writer/producer Carie Willson – @cariewillson
CTV National News Manitoba correspondent Jill Macyshon – @jillmacyshonctv
CTV managing editor Kelly Dehn – @ctvdehn
CTV producer Bobbi-Jo Stanley – @bobbijo13
CTV assignment editor Gordon Smeby – @gordsmeby
CTV news director Karen Mitchell – @ctvkaren
Former CTV reporter Karen Rocznik – @krocznik
Former CTV reporter Rahim Ladhani – @rladhanictv
Former CTV producer Joe Olafson – @joeolafson
Former CTV weekend anchor Nancy Carlson – @nancyjcarlson
Former CTV weather specialist Jordan Witzel (now with Global Calgary) – @jordanwitzel
Former CTV reporter Jeremy Hunka (now with Global Calgary) – @jeremyhunka
Former CTV political reporter Laura Lowe (now with CTV Edmonton) – @ctvlauralowe
Former CTV crime reporter Stacey Ashley – @staceyashley
Former CTV sports reporter/anchor Leah Hextall (now with NESN Boston) – @leahhextall
Former CTV Morning Live web reporter Kristin Hursh – @kristin_hallett
Former CTV reporter Rajeev Dhir – @googasmammoo
Former CTV reporter Deborah Mensah-Bonsu – @debmensahbonsu
Former CTV late night anchor Lindsay Warner – @lindsay_warner
Former CTV reporter Ina Sidhu (now with CTV Calgary) – @inasidhu
92 CITI FM – @92citifm
92 CITI FM morning host Wheeler – @wheelerj28
92 CITI FM host Rena Jae – @rena_jae
92 CITI FM host Phil Aubrey – @philly92citi
92 CITI FM drive host Shadoe Davis – @shadoedavis
102.3 Clear FM – @1023clearfm
102.3 Clear FM morning host Joe Aiello – @joeaiellowpg
102.3 Clear FM morning host Nesta – @nestamazing
102.3 Clear FM morning host Britt Paulhus – @brittpaul
102.3 Clear FM’s Adam Taylor – @adamtaylorradio
CJOB 68 – @680cjob
CJOB Traffic – @cjobtraffic
CJOB Sports – @cjobsports
CJOB 68 radio host Charles Adler – @charlesadler
CJOB 68 sports director Bob Irving – @bobirvingcjob
CJOB 68’s Greg Glatz – @gregglatz
CJOB 68’s Jeff Braun – @jeffbbraun
CJOB 68’s Keith McCullough – @keithsportsnews
CJOB 68’s Kim Lawson – @kimlawsonnews
CJOB 68’S Courtney Rutherford – @courtrutherford
CJOB 68’s Matt Carty – @matt_carty
CJOB 68’s Kelly Moore – @kmooreonsports
CJOB 68’s Geoff Currier – @nighthawkcjob
CJOB 68’s Brian Barkley – @barkleycjob
CJOB 68’s Richard Cloutier – @richardcjob
CJOB 68’s Jim Toth – @jimtothcjob
CJOB 68’s Lorne Edwards – @edwardscjob
CJOB 68’s Bailey Hildebrand – @bdebrand
CJOB 68 weekend morning host Justine Routhier – @justinerouthier
CJOB 68 producer and host Kyle Milroy – @kylemilroycjob
Former CJOB 68 news anchor Clay Young (now at CKLQ) – @clayyoungnews
97.5 BIG FM – @975big_fm
97.5 BIG FM morning host Jay Richardson – @jay_richardson
97.5 BIG FM morning host Jolene Lebsack – @jajajolene
103.1 Virgin Radio – @1031virgin
103.1 Virgin Radio’s Ace Burpee – @aceburpeeshow
103.1 Virgin Radio’s Chrissy Troy – @chrissytroy
103.1 Virgin Radio’s Lloyd the Intern – @lti103
103.1 Virgin Radio’s Adam West – @adamwestradio
103.1 Virgin Radio’s Jordan Knight – @jordankonvirgin
103.1 Virgin Radio’s Big Marv – @bigmarv204
103.1 Virgin Radio’s morning show producer Amber Saleem – @ambersadia
103.1 Virgin Radio writer Michelle Cattani – @michellecattani
Former 103.1 Virgin Radio personality Chris Fantini – @fantiniastic
QX104 – @qx104winnipeg
QX104’s Waking Crew – @wakingcrewqx104
QX104’s Al McLean – @thealmclean
QX104’s Brody Jackson – @brody_jackson
QX104’s Samantha Stevens – @radiosamantha
QX104’s Leanne Cater – @leannecater
Former QX104 personality Mookie Wilson – @mookalicious
Former QX104 personality Mike Alan – @mikealanshow
94.3 The Drive – @943thedrive
94.3 The Drive’s morning host Kerri Salki – @Salki20
94.3 The Drive’s middway host Alix Michaels – @alixsvoice
94.3 The Drive’s drive host Kelly Parker – @flyingkp
TSN Radio 1290 – @tsn1290radio
TSN Radio 1290 “On the Sidelines” – @sidelines1290
TSN Radio 1290 “Illegal Curve” – @illegalcurve
TSN Radio 1290/Winnipeg Jets broadcaster Brian Munz – @jetsvoice1290
TSN Radio 1290/Winnipeg Jets commentator Shane Hnidy – @sherifftsn1290
TSN Radio 1290 host Paul Edmonds @utilityvoice
Hustler and Lawless – @hustlerlawless
Andrew Paterson of “Hustler and Lawless” – @hustlerama
99.9 BOB FM – @999bobfm
99.9 BOB FM program director David Drake – @daviddrakeradio
99.9 BOB FM host Dez Daniels – @dezdanielsradio
99.9 BOB FM morning host Beau – @beauwinnipeg
99.9 BOB FM morning host Heather Prosak – @heatherprosak
CHUM Radio traffic reporter Sabrina Carnevale – @sabrinacsays
Former 99.9 BOB FM morning host Andrea Collins (now at Virgin Radio Montreal) – @acvirginradio
Former CURVE 94.3 midday host Pamela Roz – @pamelaroz
Former CURVE 94.3 host Devon Zelmer – @zelmerradio
Former CURVE 94.3 midday host Kim “Sulli” Sullivan – @kimsulli
Former CURVE 94.3 afternoon host Jeff Kelly – @jeffkellyradio
Former CURVE 94.3 morning co-host Sarah Kay – @iamsarahkelly
Winnipeg Free Press – @winnipegnews
Winnipeg Free Press editor Paul Samyn – @paulsamyn
Winnipeg Free Press photo desk – @freepphoto
Winnipeg Free Press News Café – @wfpnewscafe
Free Press photo editor Mike Aporius – @aporius
Free Press reporter Bruce Owen – @fpbowen
Free Press reporter Bartley Kives – @bkives
Free Press reporter Mary Agnes Welch – @mawwelch
Free Press reporter Larry Kusch – @lrkusch
Free Press reporter Geoff Kirbyson – @geoffkirbyson
Free Press reporter Kevin Rollason – @kevinrollason
Free Press reporter Aldo Santin – @aldosantin
Free Press crime reporter James Turner – @heyjturner
Free Press City Hall reporter Jen Skerritt – @jenskerritt
Free Press education reporter Nick Martin – @nickmartin14
Free Press crime reporter Mike McIntyre – @mikeoncrime
Free Press online content manager Wendy Sawatzky – @wendysawatzky
Free Press photographer Mike Deal – @wfpmdeal
Free Press photographer Joe Bryksa – @jbryksa
Free Press freelance photographer David Lipnowski – @dave_101
Free Press freelance photographer Trevor Hagan – @wpgphotog
Free Press multimedia editor Tyler Walsh – @walsht
Free Press wine columnist/blogger Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson – @thegrapenut
Free Press columnist Lindor Reynolds – @lindydempsey
Free Press Ottawa Bureau Chief Mia Rabson – @mrabson
Free Press multimedia editor Melissa Tait – @meltait
Free Press sports reporter Ed Tait – @wfpedtait
Free Press sports reporter Randy Turner – @randyturner15
Free Press sports reporter Ashley Prest – @wfpashleyprest
Free Press sports reporter Gary Lawless – @garylawless
Free Press sports reporter Paul Wiecek – @paulwiecek
Free Press entertainment reporter Brad Oswald – @bradoswald
Free Press assistant city editor Carl DeGurse – @cdegurse
Free Press advice columnist Maureen Scurfield / Miss Lonelyhearts – @mojoscurf
Free Press mobile content editor Karen Ditchfield – @karenditchfield
Free Press perspectives & policy editor Shannon Sampert – @paulysigh
Former Free Press reporter Gabrielle Giroday – @ninjagabeg
Former Free Press multimedia editor Tania Kohut (now at CP Toronto) – @taniakohut
Former Free Press sports reporter Adam Wazny – @wazoowazny
Former Free Press music writer Rob Williams – @cretinrob666
Former Free Press reporter Melissa Martin – @doubleemmartin
Former Free Press social media reporter Lindsey Wiebe – @lindseywiebe
Former Free Press deputy online editor John White – @johnkwhite
Former Free Press editor Margo Goodhand – @margogoodhand
Winnipeg Sun – @winnipegsun
Winnipeg Sun publisher Kevin Klein @wpgkevinklein
Winnipeg Sun editor-in-chief Stephen Ripley – @shripley
Winnipeg Sun managing editor Mark Hamm – @markatwpgsun
Winnipeg Sun sports editor Ted Wyman – @ted_wyman
Winnipeg Sun sports reporter Kirk Penton – @pentonkirk
Winnipeg Sun sports reporter Paul Friesen – @friesensunmedia
Winnipeg Sun sports reporter Ken Wiebe – @wiebesunsports
Winnipeg Sun sports reporter Jim Bender – @bendersun
Winnipeg Sun assistant managing editor Kevin Engstrom – @kevin_engstrom
Winnipeg Sun columnist Tom Brodbeck – @tombrodbeck
Winnipeg Sun city editor Sébastien Perth – @perthster
Winnipeg Sun court reporter Dean Pritchard – @deanatwpgsun
Winnipeg Sun legislative reporter Joyanne Pursaga – @pursagawpgsun
Winnipeg Sun city editor Adam Treusch – @adamtreusch
Winnipeg Sun multimedia reporter Kristin Annable – @deanatwpgsun
Winnipeg Sun copy editor David Larkins – @larkinswsun
Winnipeg Sun columnist Doug Lunney – @dougatwpgsun
Winnipeg Sun sports – @winsunsports
Former Winnipeg Sun reporter Chris Kitching – @chriskitching
Former Winnipeg Sun reporter Jillian Austin – @jillianaustin
Former Winnipeg Sun reporter Paul Turenne – @paul_turenne
Former Winnipeg Sun reporter Ross Romaniuk – @rossromaniuk
Global TV Winnipeg – @globalwinnipeg
Global TV managing editor Jon Lovlin – @jononglobal
Global TV news director/GM Brent Williamson – @brentwglobal
Global TV reporter Lorraine Nickel – @lnickelonglobal
Global TV reporter Ashley Carter – @ashcarterglobal
Global TV reporter Talia Ricci – @taliaglobalnews
Global TV reporter Shannon Cuciz – @cucizonglobal
Global TV anchor Heather Steele – @heatheronglobal
Global TV weather anchor Michelle Lissel – @michellelissel
Global TV sports anchor Russ Hobson – @russ_sportsguy
Global TV sports anchor Mitch Rosset – @mitchrosset
Global TV writer/producer Tamara Forlanski – @tamaraonglobal
Global TV reporter Katie Dangerfield – @kdangerfield
Global TV senior reporter Lauren McNabb – @mcnabbonglobal
Global TV Manitoba correspondent Crystal Goomansingh – @cgoomansingh
Global TV Morning News host Eva Kovacs – @evaonglobal
Global TV Morning News traffic reporter Fiona Odlum – @fionaodlum
Global TV Morning News weather anchor Mike Koncan – @mikeonglobal
Global TV Morning News producer/writer Brittany Greenslade – @brittatglobal
Global TV Morning News producer/writer Katie Chamberlain – @katieatglobal
Global TV web producer Lara Schroeder – @laraatglobal
Global TV writer/producer Alison Hall – @alisonreporting
Global TV photojournalist Jeremy Desrochers – @cameraman_jerd
Global TV photojournalist Josh Arason – @josharason
Global TV photojournalist Randall Paull – @paull_r
Former Global TV web producer Holly Fraughton – @hfraught
Former Global TV weather specialist Craig Larkins (now with CTV Edmonton) – @craiglarkinsctv
Former Global TV anchor Shannon Martin (now at CBC Toronto) – @shannonmartintv
Former Global TV weekend anchor Brenna Rosa (now at CTV Edmonton) – @brennaerose
Former Global TV weekend anchor/reporter Dan Grummett – @dgrummett
Former Global TV photojournalist Martin Weaver – @martinwctv
Former Global TV anchor Kaleigh Hamilton – @kaleighhwpg
Former Global TV sports anchor Joe Pascucci – @pascucci015
Former Global TV Morning News host Derek Taylor (now with TSN) – @DTonTSN
Former Global TV reporter Megan Batchelor – @megsbatchelor
Wheeler in the Morning – @wheelerintheam
Wheeler in the Morning remote host Jenna Khan – @jennakhan
Wheeler in the Morning remote host Drew Kozub – @drewkozub
Citytv photojournalist Justin George – @cameramanjustin
Wheeler in the Morning producer Laura Lewandoski – @lauralewandoski
Former Citytv “Breakfast Television” co-host Courtney Ketchen – @courtneyketchen
Former Citytv “Breakfast Television” co-host Jeremy John – @btjeremyjohn
Former Citytv reporter Natalie Geddes – @nataliegeddes
Former Citytv photojournalist Kris Kosie – @k_kosie
Former Citytv photojournalist Alexander Brown – @alextkbrown
Former Citytv reporter Jamie Mauracher – @jamiecbc
Former Citytv reporter Diana Petrucci – @dianapetrucci
Former Citytv personality Jimmy Mac – @winnipegmac
Former Citytv co-host Jon Ljungberg – @jonljungberg
Former Citytv co-host Pay Chen – @paychen
Former Citytv “BT” co-host Meghan Duffy – @meghanmduffy
Former Citytv “BT” web reporter Brittany Bagnall – @brittbagnall
Sportsnet Winnipeg reporter Sean Reynolds – @snseanreynolds
Sportsnet Winnipeg photojournalist Colin Jensen – @jensen_colin
CBC Manitoba – @cbcmanitoba
CBC Manitoba News – @cbcmanitobanews
CBC Winnipeg Traffic – @cbcwpgtraffic
CBC Manitoba meteorologist John Sauder – @johnsaudercbc
CBC sports anchor Mitch Peacock – @mitchpeacock1
CBC I-Team reporter Alex Freedman – @cbciteam
CBC crime reporter Gosia Sawicka – @gosiasawickacbc
CBC reporter Sean Kavanagh – @skkav
CBC reporter Katie Nicholson – @katienicholson
CBC reporter Meaghan Ketcheson – @cbcmeaghank
CBC reporter Alana Cole – @alana_cole
CBC reporter Caroline Barghout – @cbarghout
CBC reporter Sarah Penton – @pentons
CBC reporter Heather Wells – @heatherwellscbc
CBC reporter Marjorie Dowhos – @marjoriedowhos
CBC reporter Chris Glover – @chrisglovercbc
CBC reporter Jillian Taylor – @jillianltaylor
CBC reporter Angela Johnston – @angjohnston
CBC reporter Teghan Beaudette – @cbcteghan
CBC reporter Nelly Gonzalez – @nellyoncbc
CBC national reporter Cameron MacIntosh – @cammacintoshcbc
CBC Radio-Canada reporter Bahador Zabihiyan – @bahadorz
CBC Radio-Canada reporter Claudine Richard – @claudinerichard
CBC Radio newsreader – @cbcjulie_dupre
CBC Manitoba managing editor Cecil Rosner – @rosnerc
CBC News Winnipeg anchor Janet Stewart – @janetstewartcbc
CBC Radio One – @cbcinforad
CBC Radio One host Terry MacLeod – @terrymacleod
CBC Radio One host Ismaila Alfa – @cbcismaila
CBC Radio One’s Marilyn Maki – @cbcmarilyn
CBC Manitoba producer Melanie Verhaeghe – @melvcbc
CBC Winnipeg producer Paul Pitura – @cbcpaulpitura
CBC Manitoba photojournalist Jeff Stapleton – @jeffywpg
Former CBC Manitoba reporter (currently at CBC Toronto) Aarti Pole – @aartipole
Former CBC Manitoba reporter Waubgeshig Rice (currently at CBC Ottawa) – @waub
Former CBC Manitoba reporter Lyndsay Duncombe (currently at the CBC Los Angeles bureau) – @lyndsayd
Former CBC Manitoba Late Night anchor Adrienne Pan (currently at CBC Edmonton) – @adriennepancbc
Former CBC reporter Wab Kinew – @wabkinew
Former CBC reporter Megan Benedictson – @ywgmdb
Canadian Press reporter Steve Lambert – @stevelambertwpg
Canadian Press reporter Chinta Puxley – @chintapuxley
Canadian Press reporter Scott Edmonds – @tsedmonds
Metro Winnipeg – @metrowinnipeg
Metro Winnipeg managing editor Elisha Dacey – @elishadacey
Metro Winnipeg reporter Shane Gibson – @tsgibson
Metro Winnipeg digital reporter Bernice Pontanilla – @metrobee
99.1 Fresh FM – @991freshfm
99.1 Fresh FM morning host JD Francis – @jdfrancis1
99.1 Fresh FM morning host Vicki Shae – @vicki_shae
Former 99.1 Fresh FM morning host Matt Sutton – @mattsuttonwpg
Former 99.1 Fresh FM morning host Sarah Christie – @sarrchristie
Shaw TV Winnipeg – @shawtvwinnipeg
Shaw TV’s Go Winnipeg – @go_winnipeg
Shaw TV reporter Tracy Koga – @tracykoga
Shaw TV reporter Laura Meuckon – @laurameuckon
Shaw TV reporter Kim Kaschor – @kimwinnipeg
Shaw TV reporter Blair Malazdrewich – @blairmshaw
Shaw TV video journalist Rudy Gauer – @rockinrudyg
Shaw TV video journalist Lynsay Perkins – @lynsayperkins
Former Shaw TV reporter Joanne Kelly (now RRC journalism instructor) – @joannemkelly
Former Shaw TV reporter Kim Babij (now with Winnipeg Bombers) – @kimbabij
Former Shaw TV sports reporter Mitchell Clinton (now with Winnipeg Jets) – @mclinton007
Reuters Winnipeg – @reuterswinnipeg
101.5 UMFM host Michael Elves – @duke_kun
KICK FM – @kicknews
The Great Canadian Talk Show – @TGCTS
The Uniter Newspaper – @theuniter
The Manitoban Newspaper – @themanitoban
Red River College’s The Projector – @rrcprojector
The Lance newspaper – @lancewpg
Aimless and Andy Show – @aimlessandandy
Filipino Journal – @filipinojournal
Ron Cantiveros / Filipino Journal – @roncantiveros
NCI FM host Carl Thomas – @carlthomas_nci
Canadian Traffic Network – @trafficwinnipeg
Uptown Magazine editor John Kendle – @johnkendle
Freelance photographer Marc Evans – @marc_evans
Freelance photographer Maurice Bruneau – @mauricebruneau
Freelance videographer WpgCameraMan – @wpgcameraman
Kildonan Place – @kildonanplace
Winnipeg musician Burton Cummings – @burtoncummings
United Way Winnipeg – @unitedwaywpg
United Way Urban Exchange – @urbanexchange
Manitoba Museum – @manitobamuseum
Red River College – @RRC
University of Manitoba – @umanitoba
Bison Sports – @umbisons
Wesmen Athletics – @wesmenathletics
I.H. Asper School of Business – @asperschool
University of Winnipeg – @uwinnipegdce
The Forks – @theforks
Inn at The Forks – @innattheforks
The Fairmont Winnipeg – @thefairmontwpg
MTS Centre – @mtscentre
MTS Centre General Manager Kevin Donnelly – @kevindonnelly_
Doors Open Winnipeg – @doorsopenwpg
Jazz Winnipeg – @jazzwinnipeg
Winnipeg Blue Bombers – @wpg_bluebombers
Winnipeg Goldeyes – @wpg_goldeyes
Winnipeg Goldeyes Manager Andrew Collier – @goldeyesgm
Winnipeg Paramedics – @wpgchris
Winnipeg Harvest – @winnipegharvest
Winnipeg Airports Authority – @ywgairport
Winnipeg Airports Authority (James 2010) – @james2010_wpg
Winnipeg Folk Festival – @winnipegfolk
Lower Fort Garry – @lowerfortgarry
The Winnipeg Humane Society – @thewhs
Anthony Augustine – Columnist, DJ, frequent radio guest – @anthonya
Royal Winnipeg Ballet – @rwballet
Winnipeg Cinematheque – @wfgcinematheque
Winnipeg Film Group – @winnipegfilm
Gas Station Arts – @gasstationarts
Winnipeg Transit Alerts – @transitalerts
Winnipeg Transit Announcements – @winnipegtransit
Advertising Association of Winnipeg – @adwinnipeg
West End Cultural Centre – @thewecc
Festival du Voyageur – @fdvoyageur
Salsa in Winnipeg – @winnipegsalsa
CurlManitoba – @curlmanitoba
Team Jennifer Jones – @mcacathletics
MCAC Athletics – @teamjjonescurl
Academy Road BIZ – @academyroadbiz
Downtown Winnipeg BIZ – @downtownpeggy
Siloam Mission – @siloammission
Keystone Processors – @mbbeef
Manitoba Pork – @mbpork
Manitoba Harvest – @manitobaharvest
Manitoba Theatre Centre – @mtcwinnipeg
IMAX Winnipeg – @imaxwinnipeg
Manitoba Homecoming – @manitobahome
Winnipeg Foundation – @winnipegfdn
Basketball Manitoba – @basketballmb
Tennis Manitoba – @tennismanitoba
Habitat for Humanity – @habitat_wpg
Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce – @thewpgchamber
Prairie Theatre Exchange – @prairietheatre
On Screen Manitoba – @on_screen_mb
Winnipeg Comedy Festival – @wpgcomfest
Winnipeg Symphony – @wpgsymphony
Academy Lanes – @academylanes
ArtsVote Winnipeg – @artsvotewpg
Manitoba Opera – @manitobaopera
Cityplace – @shop_cityplace
CancerCare Manitoba – @cancercaremb
Probe Research – @proberesearch
CAA Manitoba – @caamanitoba
Shel Zolkewich / Jackfish Media Group – @shelzolkewich
*Updated list as of February 7, 2016.

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