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No Government Bailout For the CBC

March 10, 2009 6:10 AM | News

CBCIf the CBC was hoping for a government bailout, their dreams are now squashed. On Monday, Heritage Minister James Moore said the public broadcaster already receives enough money and should not expect to get more.

$1.1 billion of your taxpayer money is going towards the CBC’s operating budget this year according to Moore. Company president Hubert Lacroix has been calling on Ottawa for a financial boost to stave off cuts to staff and programming.

Now that no additional money will be flowing into the broadcaster anytime soon, it’s expected more jobs will be lost across the country.

Meanwhile, Canwest Global Communications is fighting to keep its Global TV brand alive as it continues to fight off bankruptcy. And just last week, CTV announced several cuts to its news programming in Ontario and plans to shut down two of its ‘A’ stations.

— With files from The Canadian Press