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John Orlikow Wins River Heights-Fort Garry Ward

March 17, 2009 9:20 PM | News

John Orlikow - Geoff Currier

John Orlikow (left) won the by-election for City Councillor in the River Heights/Fort Garry Ward on Tuesday night with 57% of the vote. Orlikow, a former school trustee, defeated CJOB broadcaster Geoff Currier and will now take the single seat left vacant by the late Brenda Leipsic.

7,691 voters cast their ballot for Councillor and 6,401 voters cast theirs for Office of School Trustee. Rita Hildahl was declared elected as School Trustee in Ward 1 of the Winnipeg School Division with 38% of the vote.

Image credits: CTV News (Orlikow)/ChrisD.ca (Currier)

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