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City Prepares for Rising Water Levels

March 17, 2009 1:23 PM | News

By Sarah Klein
Flood Watch 2009

The province updated its spring flood outlook on Monday and now the City of Winnipeg has updated theirs. Under adverse weather conditions between now and the spring runoff event, river levels could potentially reach 22.2 feet James (James Avenue Datum). Under normal weather conditions, the water level is predicted to be 19.5 feet.

50,000 to 760,000 sandbags could be required depending on water levels this year. The City of Winnipeg is preparing for the James 22.2 event.  For that level, 33 flood pumping stations would be activated and 223 flood control gates would be operational.  In addition, there would be 41 temporary pumping locations set up.  Sandbagging for 292 homes, requiring about 760,000 sandbags, would be needed.

“At this point, the James level of 22.2 provides a worse case scenario.  We will continue to monitor the situation closely.  As the spring event gets closer, properties at risk of flooding will be identified and we will notify those locations where sandbag dikes are required,” said Barry MacBride, Director of the City’s Water and Waste Department.

Residents are urged to take precautions if they happen to live along the river. Any equipment near the water’s edge should be secured, such as docks, sheds, gazebos, irrigation pumps, and recreational equipment.

Citizens are urged to:

  • take care and caution around rivers and bodies of water;
  • check sump pumps and backwater valves on an on-going basis.

More information is available on the City’s website, including the flood forecast, building a dike, and how to protect your home from basement flooding.

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