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Is Your Pet a Star?

March 27, 2009 6:50 AM | News

The Winnipeg Humane Society is looking for a few special pets to be placed in the 2010 WHS Calendar. If you think your pet is cute enough to win over the judges, send in a photo. Contest closes April 30, 2009.

Winnipeg Humane Society - March 2008Content Rules

  • Printed photos must be 4” X 6” or larger, unmounted colour print.
  • All digital entries must be high resolution (if shooting photo with digital camera please set camera for highest resolution).
  • All photos must be horizontal (landscape).
  • Winners are based on composition of photo as well as pet in image
  • Please do not enter photos with dust particles or that are blurry or out of focus.
  • Write your name, address, telephone number and your pet’s name on the back of each photo. Please indicate if your pet was adopted from The WHS.
  • Digital Photos should be sent with both a printed copy and the original on disc.

The submitted picture becomes the property of The Winnipeg Humane Society and will not be returned. Have a look at 2008’s winners.

Send to:

The Winnipeg Humane Society Pet Photo Contest
45 Hurst Way
Winnipeg MB
R3T 0R3

To supplement your photo submission, you should consider sending in a donation as well.