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Volunteers Exhausted Battling Manitoba Flood

March 30, 2009 7:40 AM | News

Flood Watch 2009

Manitoba Flood SandbaggingHundreds of volunteers helping to assist in fighting off the flood north of Winnipeg are getting little sleep and becoming exhausted. Municipal crews and volunteers have been filling sandbags almost around the clock since the flood threat began.

“It’s a week now we’ve been doing this … you’re talking four, five, six public works guys. In my one community we’ve got 25 volunteer firefighters and those guys have been going 24/7, so of course it’s wearing them down,” said Paul Guyader, an emergency coordinator for the rural municipalities of St. Andrews and West St. Paul.

St. Andrews desperately still requires volunteer help to assist in the flood battle. On Sunday I spoke to an official coordinating the volunteer efforts in the area. She told me that besides filling sandbags, volunteers are needed to help keep others well fed and energized. That could require making sandwiches, or bringing down food to the fire hall in St. Andrews.

If you can help, click here for a list of phone numbers and locations.

— With files from The Canadian Press
Image credit: Winnipeg Free Press