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High Risk of River Flooding Due to Ice Jams Within Winnipeg

April 2, 2009 12:57 PM | News

Flood Watch 2009

The most recent information from the Province still indicates that levels of the Red River in Winnipeg could reach 20.5 feet James Avenue datum by Friday, April 10, 2009. A high risk of river flooding due to ice jams continues within Winnipeg. By the end of today, City crews will have completed surveying and staking all at-risk properties. Through the weekend, City crews will continue to monitor progress on dike construction, to ensure dikes are built to required elevations.

Ongoing analysis of the Flood Manual indicates that an additional 20 properties upstream of Kingston Row to the South Perimeter will require sandbags to provide further freeboard of one foot or less. The existing 20 properties in this area will require a one-foot raise in their dikes. Properties are at-risk of river flooding due to potential ice jams, and owners of these properties are urged to raise their dikes as soon as possible.

Sandbag production is continuing and delivery to affected properties is taking place. It is expected that property owners will continue their sandbag dike construction through this weekend.

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