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Subaru Canada Sets All-Time Sales Record

April 2, 2009 6:50 AM | News

SubaruThis might be the only good news you hear coming out of the auto industry in years.

Subaru Canada announced on Wednesday an all-time sales record for the month of March. Total vehicle sales were up 14.6 percent over the 1,639 vehicles sold during the same month in 2008. Building on last year’s record-breaking sales results, Subaru’s Canadian sales are continuing to grow faster than any other Japanese manufacturer in 2009.

Strong sales of the third-generation Subaru Forester led to a record-breaking month, with the Forester retailing 755 units, an 88.8 percent increase over last March. Total monthly Impreza sales were also up by 15.6 percent versus last March.

Perhaps GM, Ford and Chrysler can borrow a copy of Subaru’s business model. Someone should fax it over.

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