City Monitoring River Levels 24/7, Using Three Ice-Breakers at Bridges

April 6, 2009 3:20 PM | News

Flood Watch 2009

The City of Winnipeg is using three crews to monitor river levels and ice movement for potential ice jams 24/7. Staff will measure water levels at 10 locations on the Red River and five locations on the Assiniboine River. If an ice jam does occur, the City has procedures in place to measure projected water levels due to the jam.

There will also be three long-reach tracked excavators at multiple locations, including at the South Perimeter Bridge, Redwood Bridge and Louise Bridge to assist with the break-up of ice at these locations once the ice on the river starts to move. In addition, the Province has provided the City of Winnipeg with 9,000 feet of tube dike for use during this flood event.

Sandbagging volunteers are less needed than before due to significant progress made over the weekend. Over 1,600 volunteers came out to assist in flood preparations. If homeowners still require help securing their property, they are urged to call 311 or e-mail to arrange for volunteers.