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Threat of Rapid Rise in River Levels Continues

April 8, 2009 4:27 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

Flood Watch 2009

The City of Winnipeg is warning at-risk property owners to remain vigilant as the rapid rise in river levels due to serious ice jams continues. If river levels were to rise suddenly due to an ice jam, there may be the need for a temporary evacuation of specific areas.

On Tuesday, ice began moving within the city between Bishop Grandin Boulevard and the Elm Park Bridge. Ice will likely begin moving in other areas over the next few days. The area of active ice movement right now is just upstream (south) of the floodway gates. Water levels between the South Perimeter Bridge and the floodway gates have risen significantly. In anticipation for those levels, dike elevations have been set four feet above the forecasted water level to account for potential water rise from ice jams.

The City of Winnipeg is working closely with the Province to respond to changing river conditions.