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Don’t Make Out in Winnipeg Movie Theatres

April 8, 2009 5:36 AM | Columns

By Brian Schultz

Movie Make Out Kissing

…Or you might end up on Craigslist.

One very ticked off Winnipeg moviegoer took their frustration to the Internet, particularly Craigslist, after having to endure a cheesy make out session at Silvercity St. Vital. It all went down on April 1, where the person claims the couple made out very loudly during the entire movie. The nerve.

Read the partial Craigslist posting below:

Thanks for ruining my night a-holes (edited). You were sitting right in front of me, making out for the ENTIRE movie. It wasn’t even quiet. It was obnoxious, very noticeable and LOUD. Come on. Why pay 18 bucks for the two of you to make out in a packed theater on an opening night of a movie? Seriously what the f (edited)?

No word on whether anger was also expressed via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or the Free Press classifieds.