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U of M Dental Hygiene Students Help the Homeless

April 9, 2009 12:05 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

University of Manitoba - Siloam Mission

Senior students of the University of Manitoba‘s School of Dental Hygiene volunteered their efforts earlier today to help Winnipeg’s less fortunate. Six dental hygiene students, along with their supervising clinical instructor, provided free dental hygiene and education for patrons of Siloam Mission’s Saul Sair Health Centre’s dental program.

New legislation that allows Manitobans to access dental hygiene services without an on-site dentist now enables students to expand their community service efforts.

The School of Dental Hygiene has a strong history of reaching out to under-served populations in the inner-city, in personal care homes, and the north. They are proud to have played a role in achieving the vision for promoting oral health for those who receive so much more than food at Siloam Mission.