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Fans Create “Corner Gas” Posters as Series Wraps Up

April 10, 2009 6:39 AM | Entertainment

In anticipation for the final episode ever of “Corner Gas” on Monday, CTV recently held a contest to see which fan could create the best poster representing the show.

Corner Gas Poster Contest - Walt Radda

Walt Radda from Little Britain, ON is the Grand Prize winner of the “Corner Gas Pump Out a Poster Contest”. His submission, “Thunderface,” an ink drawing of the entire cast as the infamous Dog River band on their Farewell Tour, was chosen from nearly 300 entries and becomes the official “Corner Gas” commemorative poster.

Recently retired from General Motors, the 49-year-old father of five and self-avowed “Corner Gas” fanatic receives $1,000 cash and more than $2,000 in prizing.

After reviewing the other entries online, I can see why the judges picked Walt’s drawing as the winner. I particularly like the subtle details he added to each character, such as Emma’s spools of thread and Wanda’s licorice.

— With files from CTV

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