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Leave Dikes in Place: City

April 10, 2009 4:34 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

Flood Watch 2009

The City of Winnipeg is urging property owners to not remove dikes until advised to do so by the City. There is still potential for a rapid rise in river levels due to serious ice jams. Dike elevations have been set at four feet above the forecasted water level to account for potential water rise from ice jams.

The ice jam at St. Vital Bridge has moved one kilometre north toward the Norwood Bridge, somewhat reducing the threat to upstream properties.  There was also favourable ice movement in the river upstream of the floodway and in the floodway overnight.  The ice movement, together with normal floodway operation, means there isn’t an immediate need to add to the height of dike protection on Kingston Row and Kingston Crescent.

Property owners should be vigilant in monitoring snowmelt runoff accumulating behind their dikes.  Ponding water should be pumped over the dike as required.

The City is also reminding citizens to check sump pumps and backwater valves on an on-going basis.

The 500 volunteers that turned out for flood fighting activities today were asked to stand-down this morning as favourable ice movement overnight near the floodway channel improved the situation for Winnipeg. The City of Winnipeg and at-risk property owners are grateful to the volunteers that turned out to help raise the level of dike protection.


Meanwhile, City crews are working hard throughout the weekend to thaw frozen catch basins and culverts, patch potholes, and address overland flooding from snowmelt. Pothole patching will occur during daylight hours over the long weekend and will be prioritized based on road safety.

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