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How to Fake Call in Sick to Work

April 15, 2009 6:42 AM | Columns

By Tyler Sutherland

Call in SickIt’s going up to 18°C today in Winnipeg with plenty of sunshine. Are you stuck at work like some poor sap? I received an e-mail this week with a website that assists you in “fake calling” into work sick.

MakeYourselfSick.com is a free site that allows you to record a voicemail message explaining your excuse. You simply call a toll-free number, record your excuse and then hang up. The second step is to enter the phone number you called from on the website so the server can retrieve your message (you must not be calling from a private/blocked number). Once the website brings up your voice message, it allows you to add other effects to it, such as wheezing, coughing, vomiting etc. Depending on how sick you want to sound, your employer could think you’re near death.

The third step is to enter the phone number of your boss, which has to be a cell phone number. The website automatically calls the number you input and sends your pre-recorded message directly to the caller’s voicemail. Pretty slick, huh?

Just don’t blame anyone but yourself if you get caught.

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