Over 500,000 Calls Made to 311 in First Three Months

311 Call Centre Quarterly Report 2009The City of Winnipeg released the first quarter statistics for Winnipeg’s new 311 service today, saying a number of important lessons have been learned since the system went live in January. Click the graphic on the left to see the top 15 most frequently requested city services.

“We anticipated we would experience some challenges by moving to a system that provided a single point of contact for all City services, as it represented a whole new way of communicating with our citizens,” Laubenstein said. “By identifying areas for improvement, maintaining what works well and taking into consideration feedback from the public, we are continually working on enhancing 311’s overall performance.”

Some of the highlights of the first quarter include:
567,830 calls made to 311 between January 16, 2009 and April 16, 2009
17,800 emails were received by 311 between January 16, 2009 and April 16, 2009
74% of calls were for information (questions that could be answered on the spot)
26% of calls were requests for City services

The top five most frequent information requests:
1) Transit
2) Recreation and Leisure
3) Water
4) Assessment & Tax
5) Street maintenance

The top five most frequent requests for City services:
1) Frozen catch basins
2) Transit users reporting lost property
3) Transit bus operator complaints/commendation
4) Parking inquiries/complaints/Reporting
5) Requests for bulky pick up (manual collection)




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