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Winnipeg Introduces Spring Transportation Initiatives

April 29, 2009 12:44 PM | News

BikingThree Active Transportation initiatives were announced Wednesday afternoon by Councillor Russ Wyatt alongside several partners, including the Bike to the Future, the Winnipeg Trails Association, Climate Change Connection, One Green City, Resource Conservation Manitoba, the Manitoba Cycling Association and the Centre for Sustainable Transportation.

Three initiatives for spring 2009 were introduced to help keep Winnipeggers healthy and active.

2009 Winnipeg Cycling Map

This map will be available beginning today at various cycling shops throughout the city and includes routes of the City’s Active Transportation Network, which also replaces the popular 1999 Winnipeg Cycling Map that was commissioned for the Pan-Am Games. To find the location of the store nearest you where this map is available, you can call 925-5686.

OttoCYCLE: Building Better Biking in Winnipeg

Winnipeg cyclists can get the chance to track their cycling routes to determine where to build potential cycling infrastructure. Over 900 cyclists will be able to take a GPS device along on their regular cycling trips for two weeks between May 1 and October 30, 2009. This is your chance to participate in the study. Anyone who cycles more than once a week is eligible.

To sign up for a two-week block, email Ottocycle@uwinnipeg.ca or call 988-7182 with your availability and contact information.

Bike to Work Day

Scheduled for Friday, June 19, 2009, Bike to Work Day highlights the environmental, health, and economic benefits of cycling by encouraging Winnipeggers to cycle to work or school.

You can visit www.biketoworkdaywinnipeg.org to register.

— With files from a news release and ChrisD.ca’s Brian Schultz