Local Celebrities Get Ready to Hit the Dance Floor

Dancing with Celebrities 2009

The 3rd annual Dancing with Celebrities competition heats up inside the Delta Grand Ballroom on Friday night. Eight Winnipeg celebrities will take to the dance floor in support of the SMD Foundation and Easter Seals Manitoba. Co-hosts for the evening include Beau and Tom from 99.9 BOB FM.

The Celebrities

  • Terri Apostle – Citytv “Breakfast Television” co-host
  • Andrea Collins – CURVE 94.3
  • Kim Babij – Shaw TV
  • Marcy Markusa – CBC Radio One
  • Tracy Dahl – Soprano singer
  • Helen Halliday – Delta Winnipeg
  • Obby Khan – Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  • Al Simmons – Entertainer

The celebs had their dress rehearsal on Tuesday night and got a chance to scope out each other’s moves for the first time.

So, who will take the dancing crown? From what I’ve seen watching “Breakfast Television”, Citytv’s Terri Apostle looks pretty confident on her feet during rehearsals, but I’d also not put anything past the other contestants.

ChrisD.ca spoke to Terri on Wednesday who said it has been one of the biggest challenges she has taken on in a while. “My feet are cut, bruised and blistered, covered with band-aids and stuffed like sausages into these tiny strappy shoes. The shoes are gorgeous… my fat and swollen feet, not so much. But hey, if people are starring at my feet on Friday then I’m doing something wrong.”

But the morning TV co-host has hung in there, putting in grueling hours with her instructor, Neil Pergis, whom she commends. As for those critics who say you can only dance until a certain age, Terri mentioned that Al Simmons is also lacing up his dancing shoes. Good point.

And it wouldn’t be a competition without some friendly rivalry among the Winnipeg celebs, “Obby Khan has threatened me with Tonya Harding’s methods, so if anything happens and I go down before the big night, know that he is a prime suspect,” Terri added.

In the end, it’s all about charity and supporting a great cause, as was noted by Shaw TV’s Kim Babij. “We’re all in the same position — totally out of our element — doing something we’ve never done before. It’s not about ‘winning’ the competition, this really is about supporting a fabulous charity.”

Tickets are $150 each and go to support over 170,000 Manitobans who face disability challenges. Also included is a complete gala dinner and auction.

For more information and to purchase tickets, call 975-3084 or e-mail dancing@smd.mb.ca


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