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5th Annual Bison Sports/Media Wing Off (VIDEO)

May 1, 2009 7:30 AM | Videos

Exclusive Video

Local media and University of Manitoba Bison athletes participated in the 5th annual Bison Sports/Media Wing Off Thursday afternoon at Smitty’s Restaurant and Lounge on Pembina Highway.

While you would think that football players could pack away the grub like nothing, it was actually a local sports anchor who was crowned the champ.

Derek Taylor of the ‘Fox Soccer Report’ put away 31 wings in five minutes. He was also last year’s winner.


Other contestants

  • Jay – CURVE 94.3 (25 wings)
  • Sean Clark – Bison Football (25 wings)
  • Al Turnbull – Bison Football (25 wings)
  • Russ Hobson – Global TV (two-time champion, 23 wings)
  • Eddie Steele – Bison Football (23 wings)
  • Beau – 99.9 BOB FM (16 wings)
  • Brant Batters – 101.5 UMFM Campus Radio (15 wings)

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