Terri Apostle Crowned Celebrity Dancing Champ

Local celebs showed off their best moves Friday night as part of the 3rd annual Dancing with Celebrities competition in support of the SMD Foundation and Easter Seals of Manitoba.

There can only be one winner and that was Terri Apostle of Citytv’s “Breakfast Television.” Terri performed a spicy Salsa and wowed the judges to become the 2009 Dancing with Celebrities Champ. No word on if she actually got to wear a crown, but it seems fitting to put one in the photo below, don’t ya think?

Terri Apostle - Dancing with Celebrities

Like a true champion, Terri praised her fellow competitors and said Tracy Dahl‘s tango was definitely the highlight of the night. CBC Radio One co-host Marcy Markusa was also a noteworthy contestant, “(She) finished off the night doing the Hustle, and very fittingly involved the back-up Utility Dancers — four wheelchair dancers, all of whom have been helped in the past by SMD Foundation,” Terri told ChrisD.ca on Saturday.

Obby Khan apparently tried to bribe the judges, but they were having none of it.

Congrats to Terri,  but like she said herself, “The true winners of the night… SMD Foundation!”

Image credit: Citytv/ChrisD.ca composite




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