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Homeless Hero Receives Mayor’s Medal of Valour

May 6, 2009 12:20 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

Faron Hall - Sam KatzA homeless Winnipeg man who saved a teen from drowning on the weekend received an award for his efforts at a ceremony by the river bank where it all happened earlier today.

Faron Hall, 44, jumped into the Red River near the Provencher Bridge on Sunday afternoon after a teen fell in. Hall struggled with the teen, but eventually managed to pull him to safety.

On Tuesday Mayor Sam Katz met with Hall — who lives near the bridge — to congratulate him on his bravery and courage. The Mayor also offered him season tickets to the Winnipeg Goldeyes. Today, the Mayor gave Hall a Goldeyes jacket and a Medal of Valour.

Hall is not only a hero, but he’s very modest, claiming to be only a survivor and not a hero.

While most news of the day you hear is negative or depressing, this is one story that truly makes Winnipeg a great city to live in.

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Image credit: Global News