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Brody Jenner — Not Afraid of H1N1 Flu

May 7, 2009 7:08 AM | Videos

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Brody Jenner from the reality show “The Hills” was in Winnipeg Wednesday night to host an event at a local club.

Brody who? Kim Kardashian‘s step brother … son of Olympian Bruce Jenner … the guy who is famous for being famous. Sort of like a male version of Paris Hilton. We usually wouldn’t post a video of him, but since Monday the inbox of questions asking where he’ll be has been sitting at around 20-30 e-mails. He’s really that popular?!

We got the Hollywood jet-setter at the airport just after he landed and asked his take on the H1N1 flu virus. It was either that, or ask how he felt about being called a d-bag on last Sunday’s episode of “Family Guy.” We stuck with current events. Brody’s defense for catching H1N1? Vitamins and Purell. No face mask though.


He took a couple minutes to sign a few autographs, pose for pictures, etc. Nice guy. The ladies go crazy for him — not completely sure why.

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