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Recession ‘Entertainment’ May Spark New Baby Boom

May 8, 2009 6:05 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Holding HandsWith the recession still a burden on most people, couples are finding themselves spending more time at home instead of going out for entertainment. With a struggling economy, it’s happening more often, just like during hurricanes and blizzards.

People are having sex, and a lot of it.

“You’ve lost your job, or you’ve lost your house, and you’re having to cut back on everything. You’re not going to go to the movies or go out to dinner,” Obstetrician Natalie Leibensperger told USA Today. “Just like the hurricanes in 2004. That’s what people are doing now.”

As many as 23 new patients each week are coming in pregnant, Leibensperger says. “They’re probably having sex more, not having outside activities that they’re doing instead. It brings people closer together. It’s a huge stress relief for them.”

Because Manitoba’s economy has been better off during these tough times than other provinces, you shouldn’t expect a big boom in the population any time soon around here.

— With files from USA Today

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