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Star Trek Fan Designs Ultimate Bachelor Pad

May 8, 2009 6:25 AM | Photos

Today is the day most people will go see the long awaited “Star Trek” movie. Early reviews from Thursday’s screenings give it top marks. The buzz has been building for months and now geeks (and non-geeks, just to be fair) can sit back and enjoy the greatest space adventure of all time.

Star Trek Flat

If you’re like one fan, waking up everyday is like being aboard the Starship Enterprise. Tony Alleyne (inset) built and designed this custom flat in Hinckley, Leicestershire. You don’t have to guess, because he is definitely single. Alleyne’s wife left him and he set off to create the ultimate bachelor pad.

The 500-square-foot apartment — which took five years to create — features voice-activated lighting, LED lighting, running lights, air-conditioning — but no bed. A few years ago Mr. Alleyne suffered from sciatica and was advised by his doctor to sleep on the floor. “It cured the sciatica and gave me the opportunity to convert the bed area into the Transporter area,” he says. “Bed space is overrated.”

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