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Manitoba in Store for More Mosquitoes This Season

May 11, 2009 7:38 AM | News

MosquitoSome not-so-encouraging news from the bug front came to light over the weekend.

Mosquitoes have the perfect breading ground this season as remaining flood waters are helping to produce more eggs than usual. University of Manitoba Entomologist Terry Galloway says as the river recedes, there will be a significant amount of unhatched eggs — more so than usual.

Manitoba has the unfortunate pleasure of being home to three different mosquito breads. The first will make an appearance within weeks, and those that carry the West Nile virus will begin appearing later in the summer.

The City of Winnipeg has already started the bug battle to wage war on these pesky skeeters, as was announced on May 1. Residents are also being asked to do their part and get rid of any standing water on their property.

The annual bug fight costs the city roughly $5 million.

— With files from The Canadian Press