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Toxic Sofas Causing Burns, Cancer in U.K.

May 13, 2009 5:30 AM | News

By Brian Schultz

CouchYou’ve heard of all the different chemicals and toxins that can possibly increase your risk of getting cancer, but how about your own furniture?

People living in the United Kingdom claim to have received burns from specific sofas that later triggered the disease in the skin and lower body. Lawyer Richard Langton, who has led legal action for victims, said cancer cases were being investigated among 5,000 complaints — including one death.

Other owners of similar sofas have been left with burns, eye problems and breathing troubles, which were packed with toxic fungicide DMF to prevent mold on the voyage from China.

It is believed DMF has the effect of stripping the human skin, exposing it to toxins. A total of 200,000 sofas were sold in stores the U.K. during the last three years.

The sofas were recalled in 2008 but DMF was only banned by Britain’s health authority in March — days before victims took their case for compensation to the High Court.

— With files from TheSun.co.uk

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