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Teens Going to Summer Camp Feel Tech Separation Anxiety

May 19, 2009 6:15 AM | Columns

One of the biggest issues facing teens today isn’t peer pressure, dating or even drugs. It’s the fact that with the summer season just around the corner, adolescents attending camp will be cut off from their world of technology.

Being without Facebook, text messaging and Twitter has some kids riled with anxiety, according to a new article on TechNewsWorld.com

Summer CampFor a generation used to texting, Facebook and YouTube More about YouTube, going away to sleepaway camp can be a bit unnerving. Many outdoor camps don’t allow cell phones, laptops or iPods, and there is no computer lab for them to update their pages.

Many campers are a little panicked to part with their cell phones. Some try to smuggle them in or bring more than one phone in case one is confiscated.

Some teens feel the inability to update their Facebook page or Twitter status makes them socially invisible.

How did kids manage back in the 1990’s? Oh, the humanity!

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